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Giant Chess Sets

So, are you considering investing in a giant chess set? You came to the right site. You can browse more than 50 of our Giant Chess Sets on this page or continue reading our article.

In this article, we’ll cover, why customers buy giant chess sets, the difference between commercial and residential sets, how large do the chess sets get and much more.

The typical chess set is about 3 inches tall. Ours are Mega Big! Our smallest chess set is 7 inches tall and out largest stretches all the way to a set with a 6 foot tall King! Despite their size, the giant chess pieces have all the details of a smaller set. You can choose a chess set, complete with all 32 pieces (16 for each player), that is made from the material of your choice. The pieces come in plastic, teak wood, birch wood, acrylic, and fiberglass. We even make giant topiary chess sets you can use to shape your bushes into giant chess pieces!

Whether you are a chess enthusiast or a beginner who is just learning the game, these giant chess sets are perfect for learning or playing with friends, family and associates. You can play indoors or outdoors, and a chess set would be a great addition to any party, picnic, or other special events.

Benefits of Playing Giant Chess

A large chess set can bring a classic game outdoors and give it a physical dimension that most regular-sized board games lack. Also, since the pieces are human-size, you can have more than two people participate. Everyone can take part in a single game, moving the pieces around the board and working together on strategy.

This type of chess set turns the game into a social event. If you choose the right size (perhaps three feet or so), you can get your children or younger family members to participate in a group game. Young players may be attracted because of the unusual size of the pieces and have a reason to learn chess (instead of spending time on video games). The pieces and board are portable, so you can take the game with you when you go on a picnic or camping or to the beach. The unusual size of the chess pieces will always draw attention and create a fun, social environment around you.

More than half our customers are businesses. You’ll find our giant chess set everywhere! Schools, resorts, campgrounds, residential communities, shopping malls, elderly care facilities, rental companies, cruise ships, municipal parks, libraries, corporations and homeowners love our chess sets.

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Giant Chess Sets

The difference between giant chess sets used by our residential and commercial customers boils down to two major factors; the sets durability and the way the customers use the chess set.

Most of our residential customers place the chess set in one location and leave it out permanently. The set could be placed on a permanent board or a board purchased from us. Commercial customers tend to move their giant chess sets frequently. Resorts may place the chess set by the pool during the day, but move it to a high-end lounge in the evening. Shopping malls may place the set in a public area during operating hours, but need to break the set and board down after closing.

Durability is a must for commercial sets. The users handle giant chess sets in public locations hard. Kids can be very hard giant chess pieces. They drop and even through the giant pieces. Our giant plastic chess sets can be dropped from the second story of a building with no damage, so they stand up very well in commercial use.

Many of our residential customers are also looking for durability, but for some, the beauty of the giant chess set is equally important. Until recently, you had to choose between a beautiful chess set and a durable set. Watch for a major announcement early in 2019 on our new beautiful giant plastic chess sets.

What are the Differences in the Materials Used to Make Giant Chess Sets?

Plastic Giant Chess Sets

Why customers purchase Giant Plastic Chess Sets

  • Multiple Sizes – We make plastic chess sets with Kings that are 8”, 12”, 16”, 25”, 37” and 49” tall.
  • Durability – MegaChess makes pieces so durable you can drop them from a second story roof and they will not suffer any damage. Our sets easily handle the extreme desert heats of the Middle East and the icy mountaintop ski resorts in the US and Europe.
  • Cost – Our plastic chess sets are our most affordable chess sets with pricing from $69.00 to $1,099.00
  • Guaranteed to maintain their color - The sets are color fast with UV and anti stain additives. That means that the sun and sticky hands will not discolor your beautiful, durable plastic chess set!
  • Weight – The pieces are light weight and can easily be handled by kids or all ages. The plastic sets have a compartment that allows you to add additional weight to the pieces if you are in a high wind environment or prefer a heavier chess piece. 90%+ of our customers believe the weight of the chess pieces is perfect right out of the box!
  • Colors - Available in black and white for indoor and outdoor use and in red for use indoors.

Why some customers purchase Giant Chess Sets made from other materials

  • Some customer’s want to invest in a giant chess set that has more striking details.
  • Some customers want custom colors. Due to the anti-stain properties of the plastic chess sets and the properties of HDPE plastic, paint does not adhere to the plastic chess sets.

Fiberglass Giant Chess Sets

Why customers purchase Giant Fiberglass Chess Sets

  • Multiple Sizes – We make plastic chess sets with Kings that are 24”, 36”, 48” and 72” tall.
  • Beauty – Our fiberglass chess sets are made from hand carved molds and each giant chess pieces has incredible details. These are works of art. Take a look at the detailed photos of each piece in the set to appreciate the beauty of this set.
  • Custom Colors – Our standard colors are black and white. However 60% of our chess sets have at least one custom color change. We can make your chess set any color you choose!
  • Maintenance free – While our teak sets require annual maintenance to maintain their beauty, the fiberglass set need nothing more than to be whipped clean of normal outdoor dust.
  • Style – The giant fiberglass chess sets are made in the traditional Staunton style and a timeless Medieval style.

Why some customers purchase Giant Chess Sets made from other materials

  • Cost – Our fiberglass chess sets are more expensive that sets made from some other materials. But the beauty of these sets more than justifies the price.
  • Durability – The fine detail in this set is less durable than our plastic chess sets. Normal chess activity is no problem, but these pieces should not be dropped and definitely not thrown. Think about these chess sets as you would think about dishware. You expect your summer plastic dishware to be able to survive being dropped on your patio. If you choose to use you fine, detailed china outdoors, normal use is no problem, but you don’t expect it to survive being dropped.

Teak Giant Chess Sets

Why customers purchase Giant Teak Chess Sets

  • Multiple Sizes – We make plastic chess sets with Kings that are 8”, 12”, 16”, 24”, 36” and 48” tall.
  • Beauty – Our teak chess sets are hand carved and have incredible details. These are works of art.
  • Style – The giant teak chess sets are made in the traditional Staunton style, the contemporary looking geometric style and a timeless Medieval style.
  • Color – the light side of the chess set is a medium brown stain. You can see both the brilliant color of the wood and the fine details of the wood’s grain. The dark side is a dark brown stain that is translucent. You can see the woods grain but not it’s color.
  • Weight – these sets are made from solid teak and they are very solid, heavy weight chess pieces.

Why some customers purchase Giant Chess Sets made from other materials

  • Cost – Our teak chess sets are more expensive that sets made from other materials. But the beauty of these sets more than justifies the price.
  • Maintenance – Teak is a hardwood that contains oils that protect the sets from insects. As a natural wood, teak requires annual maintenance to maintain it brilliant colors.

Other Giant Chess Sets

Why customers purchase Giant Chess Sets Made From Other Materials

  • Acrylic Chess Sets – our acrylic chess sets are two-dimensional sets that can be used on walls or as a translucent, contemporary style giant chess set.
  • Tiki Chess Set – Have you seen these chess sets? You want to talk about a set that just plain loots fun!
  • Teddy Bear Chess Set – Looking for a 12” tall chess set for kids? Look no further.
  • Birch and Rubber Tree Chess Sets – Our Birch Chess Set is a Napoleon Style Chess Set that includes a clamshell style folding chess board. Our Rubber Tree Giant Chess Set is a 7” tall, affordable, machine made chess set.

Giant Chess Set FAQ

What do I Need to Know Before Buying a Giant Chess Set?

Giant chess sets come in different sizes, and they are made from different materials. Before you buy, you should consider how you plan to use your chess set. The size and material should match your plans and should fit the people who will play the game. If you have children, for example, a set with 25 inch or three-foot chess pieces would be better than a set with six-foot pieces. If you plan to play outdoors, you will want a durable chess set.

What Types of Giant Chess Sets Can I Buy?

A giant chess set can come in different sizes, can be made from different materials, and can feature different designs. You might choose chess pieces made from wood, fiberglass, plastic, or other materials. You can even choose a novelty chess set with pieces that resemble teddy bears, tiki statues, or beer bottles. Because of the numerous options, you can find the exact type of chess set that you want and even customize it so that it matches your needs.

How Big can a Giant Chess Set be?

Giant chess sets are between 12 and 72 inches tall. The chess pieces are measured by the inch, so there are many options within this broad size range. For example, you can get a set that has pieces that average 25 inches, 36 inches, or 48 inches. There is no need to choose from a limited number of sizes. You will, however, need to make sure that the size of the squares on your board, which is sold separately, match the size of your chess pieces.

Are Giant Chess Sets Good for Outdoors?

Our chess sets will work outdoors or indoors. If you plan to use them outdoors in all types of conditions, you can choose an option with plastic, fiberglass, or wire-frame chess pieces. Even our hand-carved wood pieces are suitable for outdoor play. If you plan to transport the chess pieces to an outdoor event, you should be aware of the total measurement of the chess set. A foldable or rollable board can make transportation to outdoor venues easier.

What are the Chess Pieces Made of?

Our chess sets are made from a variety of materials, including hand-carved teak and birch wood. Other chess set options are made from plastic or fiberglass. We also offer acrylic and wire-frame sets, and novelty options such as a chess set made from stuffed animals, and one constructed out of beer bottles. You will want to match the material with your weather-resistance and weight needs and with the type of look that you want.

Does a Giant Chess Set Come with a Chess Board?

A giant chess set and chess board are sold separately. This allows you to customize your set even further because you can choose the board design and style that best fits your needs and your budget. You can choose from nylon, plastic, or wood boards. We have roll-up and foldable options that are ideal for those who want to transport their sets frequently. When choosing a board, you need to be certain that the size of the squares matches the size of your chess pieces.

Can I Customize my Giant Chess Set?

You can choose colors for some of our plastic and fiberglass sets. We also offer to perform laser engraving or print logos on the chess pieces. You can print a company logo or write text to remember a special event or personalize a gift. You can upload text for convenient laser engraving, and you can send us your logo design, and we will print it on each piece in your chess set. We also offer chess board templates so that you can create multiple boards with the look and colors that you want.

Do Giant Chess Sets Come with a Warranty?

We guarantee that you will love our premium chess sets. We have a transparent refund policy that covers our chess sets (except customized sets). If you return the products within the acceptable time frame, you’ll get a refund, minus any applicable shipping and restocking costs. We can help you organize the return shipping, and we will process your refund on the same day that we receive your return. We can also offer replacement pieces for an older chess set that only needs a new piece or two.

Can I Rent a Giant Chess Set?

If you want a chess set for a special event, you may consider renting one. We offer rentals for a period of two weeks for plastic chess sets of various sizes. The rental fee is all-inclusive, so you do not have to worry about an extra deposit or shipping fees. It’s all transparent, and you get the security deposit back when you return the chess set. This is a great option for a special event or to take a “test drive” to see if you would like to purchase a set for your home or business.