MegaChess 10 Inch Teak Giant Checkers

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Complete set of 10" teak checkers. Interlocking for easy stacking. Rubber base. Ideal for checkerboards with 12" squares. An excellent complement to our 24" tall teak MegaChess set. Teak Mega Checkers display the same luxurious grain lines as our teak MegaChess sets.

Teak is one of the toughest woods on earth. Like any wood product left outdoors, your chess set must be cared for to last. Although we have cured the teak for a year before carving, it will continue to cure in your first year of ownership. While curing, protect the set from direct sun when not in use. By immediately repairing any nicks or cracks, your set will age beautifully.

MegaChess 10 Inch Giant Checker Set Comparison Video

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