Buyers Guide for Resorts

Competition for a tourist's attention is fierce. Chess is a low-cost, highly effective way to hold the attention of your most profitable customers while limiting your investment.

Competition for a tourist's attention span has to go beyond pools and HBO. However, the problem with trying for the exotic or the remarkable begins with its cost and insurance liability. We have a way to raise an eyebrow without raising anything else.

Cost - Compared to the development of almost any property improvement, MegaChess requires nothing but a checkerboard of tiles and benches for the observers. This is often a multi-use area in a garden or patio.

Liability - We live in a litigious world with insurance rates skyrocketing around pools, athletic fields, barbecues, and even exercise equipment. Few quality-of-life improvements can compete with the lack of exposure of a chess game.

Revenue Source for your Retail Store - Besides the really big chess sets, MegaChess also sells chess sets with a king as short as 8" and 12". You can pack those into a MegaBox with matching checkers, and let guests check them out to their rooms, with the understanding that your guests can decide to keep them and the room will be charged. Once they start playing and feeling those chess pieces, a surprising number will want to keep them. Most hotels and resorts have a gift store on the premises. They can also become an Authorized MegaChess Reseller, allowing them the same resale discounts.

Additionally, many of our resorts sell the large chess sets from their gift store. We drop ship the order and your customer has a giant chess game set waiting for them when they return home. This helps extend the memory of their stay with you for years!

Tournaments - Would you like to pack the place as part of hosting a chess tournament? A less rowdy crowd you're unlikely to find. Then you'll need a draw. Start by sending a picture of your MegaChess facilities to the U.S. Chess Federation and get the ball rolling.

Audience - Consider the demographics of chess players compared to the nationwide average: intellectual, quiet, and affluent. Is this the type of guest you seek?

Multiple Use - Checkerboard tiles can serve as a multi-use patio area or even the floor of a cafeteria, and can be moved much easier than a swimming pool or playground. Rain, cold, or dark — a MegaChess game can still happen.

Marketing - Consider a picture in your brochure of a couple of chess players with their kids moving huge MegaChess pieces. Would that speak to your best prospective guests?

Age Spectrum - Some senior guests may not see much value in your tennis courts, and unsupervised kids may not be able to enjoy your pool, but everyone can enjoy a MegaChess game.

Utilization Rate - Almost everyone knows at least the basic chess moves, and if they brought their fingers, they can enjoy a MegaChess game.

Theft - MegaChess pieces are larger and harder to steal than towels or board games.

Which Chess Set?

Upscale hotels and resorts should focus on our commercial grade fiberglass and teak chess sets. Plastic chess set work well by the pool.

Most resorts go with the 36" tall chess sets as they are easy to use for most of their guests. If you cater to seniors a lot, the 24" size is the best mix of elegance and ease of lift.

Lots of kids? Go with plastic.


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