Mega LED Connect 4

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Coin Color: Red and Black
Power: 12v Plug
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We did it again with our giant 4 in row connect game. This solid acrylic structure can disassemble to make moving and storage easier. The entire unit sets up in seconds and requires no tools. 

Our new redesigned connect 4 gaming units come with fully programmable lighting inside. Just use any blue tooth device to upload the free software, and you'll instantly be able to choose any of the awesome designs we have loaded. You can even download the design software and create your own moving light visuals. Solid cast acrylic design with over 1" thick legs and playing body. We bring gaming to the next level. Order additional 4 in a row game chips if needed under gaming.

This unit is 51.175" across, 47" high, and 16'' deep when fully assembled. The game play section is 46.7" x 32" 

This ships in a wooden freight case custom-sized to fit with foam padding via freight. There may be additional fees for delivery to residential locations.

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