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Giant Chess Sets and Games For Resorts and Hotels

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Giant Chess Sets and Games For Resorts and Hotels

Why do Resorts purchase Giant Chess Sets?

Resorts are frequent buyers of giant chess sets and other outdoor games. Giant outdoor games provide entertainment and is sure to increase the lure of your resort Resorts tend to place their giant chess sets:

  • By the pool to give kids fun in the sun while their parents relax 
  • In  a high-end late-night bar to give their patrons a large-scale game to provide additional entertainment  and increase the amount of time and money the guests spend 
  • In the lobby as a focal gathering point.  This also provides a great distraction to kids while their parents are checking in!
  • At their children’s center
  • As an installment to  a garden or landscaped area to double as a playable game for guests and a beautiful addition to the landscape

    Recommended 2-Foot Tall Giant Chess Set for Resorts

    Recommended 3-Foot Tall Giant Chess Set for Resorts

    Recommended 4-Foot Tall Giant Chess Set for Resorts

    MegaChess 49 Inch Plastic Giant Chess Set – this set is durable, affordable, and towering. Here is how you can upgrade this 4-foot tall mammoth of a chess set:

    Giant Chess Board Recommendations

    MegaChess offers a wide variety of giant chess boards specifically designed to accommodate the needs of resorts. There is an easy to follow article that outlines each of our Giant Chess Board offerings that will assist you in selecting the correct giant chessboard for your set and to meet your needs.

    Other Outdoor Games

    Many of our resort customers also invest in other outdoor games. The purpose is similar – to provide entertainment while occupying their guest’s time. The most popular games resort purchase in addition to giant chess are:

    Giant Checkers

    • 10-Inch-Wide Giant Checkers – a great addition for those resorts that already own a giant chess set. We offer two different models to match your chess set,  each available in a personalized version.
    • 14-Inch Wide Giant Checkers – again, a great addition for those resorts that already own a giant chess set. We offer two different models to match your chess set  each available in  a personalized version.


    Cornhole is a classic  game that everyone of all ages knows how to play. We make a number of different cornhole sets including Weatherproof Cornhole, Personalized Cornhole and Giant Cornhole in both 6 foot x 3 foot and 8 foot by 4 foot versions!

    Four in a Row

    Connect 4 is a terrific game for all ages. Line-up four of your coins in a row and you win!

    Tumble Tower 

    Tumble Tower is a guest favorite at resorts. The game is quick and easy to learn. Our Tumble Tower stands up to 5 feet tall!

    • Giant Hardwood Tumble Tower This set grows to more than 5 feet tall and isn’t even our biggest Tumble Tower Set!  These hardwood sets are extremely durable and are capable of the high traffic play they are sure to attract.
    • Personalized Giant Hardwood Tumble Tower Set is a customer favorite and is the personalized version of our most popular set. Our personalized version allows you to laser engrave your logo into the wooden block. We can laser engrave 14, 28, or all 56 blocks in the set. 


    Giant chess sets and outdoor games are in investment but are surprisingly affordable. With a wide variety of sets available, MegaChess surely offers one that fits your resort’s needs To learn more, please feel free to call us at 855-634-2055 or email us at

    We look forward to helping you!