Why does MegaChess make giant chess sets from so many different materials? The video helps explain the difference between our four most popular giant chess set! This is our shorter version of the video lasting 2:40 minutes.


Today I want to discuss the key differences between 3 of our 2’ tall chess sets, our Original 25” plastic chess set, our new 26” premium plastic chess set, and our 24” fiberglass chess set.

Our original 25” plastic chess set has become a worldwide best seller because of its durability and affordability.  This set is made of high-quality durable plastic and is UV protected.  This set was built to last.  It can withstand the roughest of elements and most abusive play.  It won’t fade in the sun, get stained from dirty hands, or break if dropped, and it requires little to no maintenance to keep it looking good.

This set is not as detailed as some of or other sets but that means you don’t have to worry about any details being broken or chipped if the piece is dropped.

This set is customizable.  We can add your company logo to it or turn it into an LED set so that you can play with it all night long.

This set is perfect for high traffic areas including malls, resorts, campgrounds, cruise lines, schools, as well as backyards.


Our 24” fiberglass chess set is all class.

It is a beautiful mid-range chess set in terms of price and durability but has a high level of detail.

This set is a classic Staunton style chess set with a stunning level of detail and high gloss finish which really makes it stand out.  It’s made of Fiberglass, which is a lightweight, hollow material and is in the mid-range of durability.  This set won’t stain or fade from being left out in the sun.

It’s the level of detail of this set which makes it so beautiful, but these details may chip or break if dropped.

This set is sturdy so it wont blow over in the wind and it is virtually maintenance free all it needs is a periodic wipe down to keep it looking shiny and new.

All of our fiberglass chess sets are customizable.  We can paint these sets to color match any shade.

These sets are fantastic for our customers that want to make a statement: High end resorts, country clubs, and corporate offices.  It also works great for backyards of families, but we do urge caution when children are at play.

Our new Premium 26” plastic chess set which we have dubbed “The Perfect Chess Set” is our newest product and is the perfect combination of the other two sets.  It is extremely durable, highly detailed, and in the mid-range of price.

Like our Fiberglass set this is a classic Staunton Style Chess Set with a high level of detail and a clean shiny finish.

What makes this set so appealing is that it is detailed without sacrificing durability.  With this set you don’t have to worry about the pieces staining, fading, or any of the details breaking or chipping from being dropped.

Unlike our 25” plastic chess set which is a two piece design this set is one solid piece, so no assembly is required.  It is sturdy so it won’t blow over in the wind and it requires little to no maintenance to keep it looking brand new.

We can customize this set by adding your logo or turning it into an LED set for all night play.

This set is perfect for everyone who wants an all-round chess set.  Its fantastic for shopping malls, resorts, schools, universities, and backyards of families.

Each of these chess sets is about two feet tall or knee height on an adult and will fit on squares ranging from 12” to 18” or about an 8’x8’ area to a 12’x12’ area.

To Recap:

Our 25” Original Plastic chess set is affordable and durable but lacks the details of the other sets

Our 24” Fiberglass chess set is stunningly beautiful and in the mid-range of price and durability

Our 26” Premium Plastic Chess Set is both highly detailed and highly durable and is in the mid-range of price.

If you have any questions about the differences between these sets or questions about any of or other sets, please feel free to reach out to us.


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