MegaChess 24 Inch Teak Giant Chess Set

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  • THE STUNNING BEAUTY OF TEAK: There is nothing as beautiful as the incredible range of colors in teak. This magnificent set is sealed in a medium brown and dark brown stain and treated with high gloss polyurethane. The thick stains help protect the pieces from the effects of the sun. The full range of colors is visible through the medium stain, and the wood grain is clear through the darker stain.
  • THE INCREDIBLE DETAIL OF HAND-CARVED HARDWOOD: The beauty of a giant chess set comes from the level of detail hand-carved into each giant chess piece. The sharply defined cross on the King. The points on the Queen's crown. The sharp, deep cut on the hat of the Bishop. The incredible detail of the mane, ears, and the downward snout of the Knight. The high-rising tines of the Rook. As you look at the details of this set, remember that each detail was crafted by hand!
  • CARE AND MAINTENANCE: Teak is one of earth's most weatherproof and toughest woods. Like any wood product left outdoors, your chess set must be cared for to last. Although we have cured the teak for a year before carving, it will continue to cure in your first year of ownership. While curing, you must protect the set from direct sun when not in use. During the first year, the set can not be left out in the sun all day, even if it is in use. By immediately repairing any nicks or cracks, your set will age beautifully.
  • COMMERCIAL OR RESIDENTIAL: Although we have many corporate customers, teak sets require special care. During the first year, the sets can be in the sun periodically but not all day. This can be a challenge for corporate customers like resorts, shopping malls, and other commercial uses. Like all wood products,  your chess set must be cared for to last. Periodic maintenance of the set is required.
  • MEGACHESS QUALITY: Each MegaChess item is meticulously handcrafted by artisans to ensure it maintains its appearance and integrity in all weather conditions and with frequent long-term use. We have manufactured large chess and checker sets, boards, mats, and other accessories using the highest quality standards since 2002.

MegaChess 24 Inch Teak Giant Chess Set specifications

  • King 1 black - 1 white piece - 24" tall - 11" base 13 lbs
  • Queen 1 black - 1 white piece 21.25" tall - 10"base 11 lbs
  • Bishop 2 black - 2 white pieces 18 tall - 8.25 base - 7 lbs
  • Knight 2 black - 2 white pieces 16 tall - 8.25 base 9 lbs
  • Rook 2 black - 2 white pieces 13.5" tall - 9" base 8 lbs
  • Pawn 8 black - 8 white pieces 11.5 tall - 6.5" base" 5.5 lbs

If you enjoy the best things made, this is the giant chess set for you. The combination of stunning colors and exquisite, hand-carved details make this set the main focus of any garden or landscape design project. 

Our Teak Chess Set with a 24-inch King is very popular for outdoor use. In your initial year of ownership, you should protect the chess pieces from the sun when not in use. Once completely cured, the set can stay out year-round and, with proper annual maintenance, will withstand the elements very well.

Our Teak Chess Sets are not only beautiful, but they are strong and very durable! In fact, teak is one of the toughest woods on the planet! It is particularly resistant to the elements, decay, and insects due to its density and internal resins.

This is the middle height of our seven teak chess sets and one of three Teak Chess Sets with a 24-inch King. These pieces are suitable for playing indoors or outdoors.

 Shipping Information

  • This product ships in a crate by Freight Service
  • Crate #1 36 x 30 x 40 250 lbs
  • When in stock, the set ships within three business days of the time your order is placed

MegaChess Giant Chess Sets - Comparison Of The Four Most Popular Material (5:21)

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