New Product Introduction - Are You Ready For Our New MegaChess Premium Plastic Giant Chess Set?

For more than 10 years, MegaChess has manufactured and sold durable plastic giant chess sets and our stunningly beautiful fiberglass chess set. With the new 26-inch tall Premium Plastic Giant Chess Set, we've combined the beauty of our fiberglass set and the durability of our plastic sets. No longer is it necessary to choose between beauty and durability.

Our new 26-Inch Giant Premium Plastic Chess Set will become the top-selling chess set in the US. Whether you are having fun in your back yard, resort, campground, shopping mall, school, university, corporate campus, cruise ship, local park, or museum, the MegaChess 26-Inch Giant Premium Plastic Chess Set is the perfect combination of price and durability. The plastic MegaChess pieces are made of indestructible polyethylene (LLDPE) plastic. These chess pieces are rugged, waterproof, UV-resistant rotationally-molded, hollow plastic. The chess set withstands the outdoor elements very well and will retain its color even in the brightest sunlight. 

We have these sets in the heat of the Middle East, the humidity of the Far East, the cold of the Rocky Mountains and the salty air, sun and sand of the beaches of Southern California and Florida. Standing 26 inches tall, the giant lawn chess pieces are light enough to move easily, yet massive enough to resist the wind. Take a close look at the fine detail of this new giant chess set and then watch the video of the set being dropped to show its incredible durability.

A huge benefit of this new Premium Giant Chess Set is that is can be internally lit with bright LED lights. The light-up giant chess set makes the set a huge attraction when the sun sets.

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