Giant Chess Set Brings People Together At Downtown Park

If you have been to Mizner Park recently, you may have noticed some new interactive activities.

Downtown Boca has added a giant chess game and oversized Adirondack chair to Mizner Park.

The items are located on the south end of Mizner Park and join the Putt N’ on the Plaza, a mini-golf putting green installed on the grass near Max’s Grille in the summer of 2017.

Perfect for photos and entertainment, the installations are free and open to the public to enjoy.

“Creative pedestrian engagement opportunities in our downtown are an important component in maintaining an inviting environment. These attractions are visually appealing, interactive and add to the unique character of Mizner Park and Downtown Boca. We hope everyone will come out to enjoy them,” said Ruby Childers, Downtown Manager.

Visitors can try their hand at a game of chess on the 8’ x 8’ board game. The 25” and under pieces are light enough to be moved around easily by players of any size. To add a little variety, the chess pieces will periodically be swapped out for checkers. 

The Adirondack chair can fit 2-3 people at a time and provides a fun place to sit and enjoy the view of Mizner Park, read a book or chat with friends. Signage encourages visitors to the area to snap photos and share them on social media.

“In addition to the great dining and shopping options we provide here at Mizner Park, we are thrilled to partner with Downtown Boca to activate the middle of the park. Every day we see families enjoying the chess game and taking photos in the giant chair. We love being the gathering place in the heart of downtown,” Mizner Park’s General Manager Dana Romanelli Schearer said.


Why You Need A Giant Chess Set In Your Park

Giant chess sets are a fun and engaging bonding experience for families, friends and co-workers. Playing chess is a great way to exercise the brain to increase focus and promote critical thinking. Giant chess brings people together in a unique and creative way. The game of chess teaches children how to win and lose and enhances their reasoning and problem solving skills. Promote unity and creativity in your community with the addition of an oversized chess set in your local city park. Browse MegaChess giant custom chess set options today! We have a variety of sizes to choose from ranging from 2 feet chess pieces to 6 feet tall chess pieces.

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