How Durable Are The MegaChess Giant Plastic Chess Sets?

The Megchess Plastic Giant Chess Sets are the most durable chess sets available.

We measure the durability of a giant chess set in four ways;

  • How do individual giant chess pieces fare when dropped?
  • Do the giant chess pieces fade from exposure to the sun?
  • How do the giant chess pieces stand up in extream heat or cold?
  • Can the giant chess pieces be stained from acid rain or stick fingers?

How do the individual giant chess pieces fare when dropped?

    Instead of us telling you about how the pieces survive when they are dropped, take a look at the following video. Jake is a Product Manager at MegaChess in this video he explains how we message the durability of our giant chess sets and  demonstrates their ability to withstand being dropped.

    Why are the giant chess sets so durable when dropped? There are two excellent reasons.

    • The type of plastic we use in the production of the chess pieces
    • The way we designed the chess pieces' details and features

    We make the MegaChess Giant Plastic Chess Pieces from HDPE (high-density polyethylene). With a high strength-to-density ratio, HDPE is used in the production of plastic bottles, corrosion-resistant piping, and plastic lumber. It is recycled so it is great for the environment. 

    The MegaChess Plastic Giant Chess Set was designed for commercial use. While many of our giant chess pieces are designed to show stunningly beautiful details, we removed many of those details in our plastic giant chess sets.

    Details like the pointed ears of the Knight or the tips of the Queen's crown. In out plastic sets, we've rounded off the crowns tips and inverted the Knight's ears. Some of the features are actually built into the plastic pieces rather than protruding from the piece. Since those protrusions are the most likely to be damaged in a fall or drop, we have specifically designed the pieces these without those details resulting in a far more durable giant chess set.

    If you would like some third-party verification of the durability of our giant chess pieces we offer this ABC News Video. In this video, vandals launched dozens of giant plastic chess pieces, filled with sand, from the 11th floor of a Washington DC condominium complex. While we obviously don't condone the vandalism associated with this terrible act, only one piece of the MegaChess Plastic Giant Chess Set was damaged from an 11 story fall. 

    As we suggested, these are increadibly durable chess pieces.


    Do the giant chess pieces fade exposure to the sun?

    All MegaChess black and white plastic giant chess pieces are UV protected and are guaranteed to withstand direct sunlight for years without a hint of fading! We do make a red plastic chess set that is for indoor use only while we work on the right solution for protecting red from destructive UV rays.

    We have many customers who have had their sets exposed to daylight sun for more than 10 years without fading!

    How do the giant chess pieces stand up in extream heat or cold?

    We are fortunate to have our giant plastic chess sets in some very extreme environments. 

    Our Plastic Giant Chess Sets are pounded by salt water on the deck of many cruise lines.

    They are baked in the heat of the Middle East and in Arizona where summer temperatures often reach more than 110 degrees.

    The sets sit in the wind whipped frigid temperatures on top of major ski resorts in Colorado, Utah, Maine, Vermont and in Canada.

    If your environment is a concern, the MegaChess Giant Plastic Chess Sets are your solution!

    The reason the sets can withstand these extream conditions is the high melting point of HDPE. Our MegaChess Plastic Giant Chess Sets have melting points between 248 - 356 degrees Fahrenheit. Significantly warmer than the typical extream heats experienced by our customers!

    Can the giant chess pieces be stained from acid rain or stick fingers?

    Each chess piece contains an anti-stain additive to prevent any change in color from acid rain to chocolate ice cream covered fingers. 

    A funny story about how effective the anti-stain agent really is. For years, we've been experimenting with changing the color of the giant plastic chess pieces. Today, we've solved that problem with the introduction of our Giant Plastic LED Chess Sets.

    But years ago, we experimented with trying to use commercial dyes to change the color of the white chess pieces. After talking with leading experts, we decided to submerge four white giant plastic chess pieces in a vat of Navy Blue commercial dye. We had the dye's manufacturer determine the ratio of dye to water and the length of time the pieces were to be submerged. After a week, and to the shock of the Dye manufacturer, the giant plastic chess pieces had barely a hint of blue! Although a failed experiment at the time, it just shows how effective our anti-stain properties are!


    We are thrilled you are considering a MegaChess Plastic Giant Chess Set. From this article, we hope you have seen how serious we are about the long term protection of your purchase. We hope we've explained our four main focuses pertaining to durability;

    • The sets ability to withstand a fall or drop
    • The sets ability to withstand extreme elements
    • The sets UV protection
    • The sets anti-stain protection

    Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. You can always reach us at 855-634-2055 or by email at

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