The Riverside Hotel is Able to Entertain Guests for Hours with Giant Chess and Checker Sets!

The Riverside Hotel located in Garden City, Idaho has two beautiful permanent chess and large checkers game built into the landscape by their gorgeous swimming pool and patio.

MegaChess 37" Plastic Giant Chess Set at the Riverside Hotel in Idaho

The durable chess pieces and checkers are in use constantly providing guests hours of enjoyment.

The giant chess set is used by both adults and children. Parents love that the set can occupy their kids time for a couple of hours while they get to relax by the pool. Later at night, the chess set is the seen of large gatherings of adults who enjoy the game while relaxing with a cocktail.

MegaChess 37" Plastic Giant Chess Set on Concrete Chess Board Riverside Hotel

To learn more about the MegaChess 37" Plastic Giant Chess Set and the MegaChess 10" Plastic Giant Checkers, please feel free to click on the links.

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