Bride and Grooms Finding New Ways to Celebrate With Giant Games!

Calling all Brides and Grooms! Cornhole and Giant 4 In A Row are becoming very popular lawn games. It is very simple to customize these giant sets for your wedding. For a recent wedding, we customized a cornhole set and our 4 foot wide Giant Connect 4 sets.

MegaChess Custom Connect 4 Set for Wedding

Custom Cornhole Set for WeddingCustom Wedding Cornhole Set


The bride and groom sent us their names and the idea of incorporating flowers into there design. We spend some time with our design team and we were able to come up with this beautiful personalized logo! The Groom also wanted to incorporate a symbol of the state of his birth (under the guise of wanting to commemorate the state of the wedding). We customized a symbol of the great state of Texas into the logo we designed for the cornhole set and the Giant Connect 4 coins. Finally, we worked with the wedding planner to match the color of the board to match the colors of the entire wedding scheme. We know weddings are all about the small details, incorporating so much into one game.

Our corn hole set and giant connect 4 are great ways to give your guests something to do when the wedding party is off taking pictures and during the cocktail hour. The best part of personalizing your wedding games is that after your special day you will take this incredible set home with you. Every time you play Cornhole and Connect 4 with these sets, you, your family and friends will be taken back to that very special day!

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