MegaChess LED Giant Chess Sets Gives You More Time Outdoors!

The MegaChess LED Giant Plastic Chess Set is our newest chess set and is quickly becoming one of our most popular Giant Chess Sets. Our Led Giant Chess Set is great for any residential or commercial space. These  3-watt LED lights are extremely bright and will last for more than seventy-two hours of continuous play leading to endless fun and entertainment.

The  Giant LED Chess Pieces are currently available in 4 colors. Customers can choose from the red, blue, green and white. We have already seen resorts and rental companies use these LED sets for holiday-themed events and as an extension of their corporate colors! Homeowners have blended used the LED colors to match the colors of their event or party. These giant Chess pieces are something fun and different and something your guests will never forget.

When thinking about places to put this giant chess set, think about how great these pieces will look on your pool deck, near your bar, or to help light up an open grassy area.  How could you use this Giant LED Chess?

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