MegaChess 72 Inch Tall Fiberglass Giant Chess Set Helps Keep Resort Guests Outdoors and Active

Wow! How beautiful is this Giant Chess Set at the Quintessence Hotel and Resort in Long Bay Anguilla! This is the perfect location for our 72-inch Fiberglass Giant Chess Set! The Quintessence is taking advantage of this perfect outside space to display one of the largest outdoor chess sets made. 

Guests can enjoy a day of resting and lounging by the pool while still having an option for their kids to have fun and keep busy in an educational way by playing chess with this Giant Chess Set. The Giant Chess Pieces are well balanced and work perfectly in this tropical climate.

Hotels and resorts are the perfect locations for our Giant Chess Sets! You can see how wonderful it looks by the pool but hotel owners have found they can also have a dramatic effect in the resort lobby giving guests something to do as they check in. Many resorts also place their Giant Chess Sets near their late-night bars and restaurants. The sets add to a unique décor but more importantly, the giant chess sets serve as gathering points where guests can enjoy each others company late into the night. Where on your resorts property would these giant chess sets look perfect?

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