Uber Games Hook and Ring Game

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The Uber Games Delux Hook and Ring Game

Perfect for your backyard, garage, bar, tavern, or pub! This timeless island game is made of premium quality hardwood with predrilled holes for the mounting screws and the hook itself. The awesome metal bottle opener comes pre attatched with a large hidden magnet underneath to catch the bottle caps. 

Set Up Instructions 

  1. Screw the hook into the Center hole of the Game Board.
  2. Using the mounting screws(included) or tape, mount the Game Board to the wall at a height of 4 or 5 feet.
  3. Screw the eye hook into an overhang or ceiling and a distance of 3 to 6 feet from the Game Board. (The further away the ring is, the more difficult the game becomes!)
  4. Place the ring on the hook and run the loose string from the Ring to the Eye Hook
  5. Pull the string the ring is taught but still loose enough to unhook. It may take some adjustments to get it just right.

Simple Rules 
Each player gets 10 tries to hook the ring on the hook. Playes get 1 point each time the ring is hooked. Players take turns until someone scores 10 points. All players get the same number of turns.

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