Family Croquet Set - 4 Player 9 Hoop Version

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Our 4 player family croquet set is a great value, entry-level complete croquet set.

The family croquet set uniquely includes mallets of all different sizes, enabling people of different heights to play together.

Our only set to contain four different mallet sizes – to cater to a range of heights, from child to adult – this entry-level option is the perfect way to introduce family members of all ages to croquet. Set up your course and prepare for a healthy dose of intergenerational competition with this classic garden game. 

The 4 player family croquet set includes:

4 x wooden mallets in four sizes:

  • 61cm (24″) Mallet with 18cm (7″) x 5.5cm (2 1/4″) hardwood head
  • 71cm (28″) Mallet with 20cm (8″) x 6cm (2 1/2″) hardwood head
  • 86cm (34″) Mallet with 23cm (9″) x 7.5cm (3″) hardwood head
  • 96cm (38″) Mallet with 23cm (9″) x 7.5cm (3″) hardwood head
  • 4 x 9oz molded plastic balls 7.5cm (3″) diameter.  For extra durability, we recommend supplementing the set with composite balls
  • 9 x steel hoops that are 8mm in diameter and  43cm (17″) high/ 10cm (4″) wide
  • 2 x hardwood pegs that are 53cm (21″) high/ 2.5cm (1″) in diameter

The Family Croquet Set by UBER games comes complete with everything 4 family members will need to play a game of croquet. The Family Croquet Set comes with 4 mallets of all different sizes, so people of all different heights will have the correct mallet length.

This is a high-quality complete croquet set that includes all the amenities of higher-priced sets. 

We also offer a Nylon Storage Bag, a Wooden Trolley, and a Wooden Croquet Storage Box for storage options.

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