MegaChess 25 Inch Giant Plastic Chess Set at an Outdoor Mall

Why Shopping Malls Buy Giant Chess Sets and Other Large Games

MegaChess 25 Inch Giant Plastic Chess Set at Outdoor Mall

Shopping mall managers are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to attract customers. In today’s digitally dominates marketplace, brick and mortar businesses have to be creative and customer-focused to attract guests.

Revenue at many U.S. shopping malls is shrinking. Retailers reported 8,060 shopping mall store closures in 2019. To combat this trend, shopping malls are adapting to serve as entertainment centers for consumers. 

The main focus of shopping malls is the shopping experience. But they are also focusing intensely on evolving into sources of entertainment within their community. With shrinking retail revenues many malls believe their best chance at growth is to evolve into retail-entertainment hubs. The more fun options malls can offer their shoppers, the more people they'll have walking through their doors to shop. 

MegaChess has worked with national malls management companies like Simon, Brookfield, Macerich, CBL, Washington Prime and many others to enhance their facilities’ image and entice visitors to stay on their premises longer.

There are a number of reasons malls are purchasing a giant outdoor chess set and other large games.

MegaChess Mega Connect 4 At Yorktown Mall

Giant Games Attract Guests Attention

Have you ever seen the phenomenon of people gathering around a fire pit? Giant games hold a similar attraction for people – they gather around the games and begin to interact. It’s fascinating to watch. With a giant games and chess set, you have the ability to not just attract more people to your mall. You also create a kind of social spectacle that people will become interested in at the very sight of it.

Playing games may seem like an activity geared towards children, but it's actually an important activity for adults as well. The benefits adults can get from playing a game include: 

  • Stress relief
  • Improved brain function
  • Boosted creativity
  • Improved relationship and connections to others
  • Increased energy

It's an alternative for the "reluctant shopper"

Attracting guests to the mall is only half the battle. Savvy mall managers understand that while some of there guests are avid shoppers, the partners, family members or friends that accompany the shoppers may not feel the same way. Since the average shoppers spend about 2 hours and 42 minutes on each mall trip, those reluctant partners may feel trapped and irritable during their stay.

One way mall managers can keep these reluctant shippers occupied is to entertain them with giant games and chess sets. In fact, the addition of a giant chess set may turn some of these reluctant shoppers into enthusiastic visitors! By providing entertainment distractions not only promotes goodwill from these individuals but gives the shopper the time they need to shop!

Giant chess sets drive interaction and a sense of community

Putting a giant chess set on display essentially encourages people who wouldn't otherwise interact to talk and communicate. They may even strike up friendships. By having a giant chess set as a shared activity that people can participate in, you're creating a sense of community within the mall. You'll have people teaming up to play together, or challenging one another to play. 

You can turn a giant chess set into the "water cooler" of your shopping mall. People can gather there to play, but also to visit with each other. If it grows popular enough, you can schedule tournaments or have it serve as a field trip activity for local elementary or middle schools. 

The bottom line is that giving people another place to interact is good news for your mall.  It will make more people want to come to partake in a fun activity with their current friends - or to make new ones. The possibilities are endless. 

MegaChess 25 Inch Plastic Giant Chess Set at Shopping Mall

It creates a sensory experience

How many current entertainment options are truly immersive? So many forms of entertainment are confined to the screen on a device. A giant chess set creates an interactive experience. Players get to feel the weight of the giant pieces as they move them. They can hear the sounds of the pieces gliding across the board. They can see the pieces and walk amongst them as opposed to a normal game of chess, where they simply stare at a normal-sized chessboard. 

A giant chess set takes a classic game known to most people and puts your players right into the middle of the action. It takes a beloved game to the next level, and it's quite literally larger than life. 


The bottom line is that giant chess sets and other large scale games can give your shopping mall a new set of attractions. In an age when malls are having a harder time than ever getting shoppers in the door, a giant chess set is another entertainment option that can attract people to your mall and keep them there. It can supplement your other stores or serve as a beacon in and of itself for people who like to play. 

Critical Factors in Purchasing a Giant Chess Set

Shopping mall managers may understand the many benefits that buying a giant chess set can bring to their center. However, they may wonder which product would best fit their specific needs. Here are 4 crucial factors that managers should consider before making a final purchase decision:

  • The cost of a giant chess set is always an important factor. At MegaChess, we offer a wide range of affordable options for oversized chess boards and pieces. We understand that many shopping mall managers are looking for high-quality sets that won't break the bank, and we have the capabilities to deliver on that.
  • Giant chess sets that are located in crowded, high traffic areas need to be tough. For example, MegaChess' synthetic wood chess boards have the classic look of a wooden chessboard but last forever. Our giant plastic and perfect chess sets are incredibly durable and will last for years.
  • Many shopping malls host special events throughout the year. If a giant chess set needs to be moved periodically, then managers should look into the portable options from MegaChess, such as our giant chess board templates or our commercial roll-up boards.
  • Many mall managers want their shopping centers to have a unified style or theme that informs all decorative decisions. Fortunately, at MegaChess we are skilled at customizing our chess sets to meet just about any stylistic request. If you want a giant chess set with a twist, then we're the company to talk to.

Partnering with MegaChess to Grow Your Shopping Mall's Business

The purchase and installation of a giant chess set may sound like a novel way to attract visitors to your shopping mall. The truth is, buying a giant chess set is an affordable investment that will likely yield rich dividends for years to come. It can entice chess aficionados to visit your shopping center; occupy and entertain reluctant visitors as their partners continue shopping, and boost your mall's reputation as a can't-miss "hotspot" that offers exceptional customer experience and promotes local community building.

MegaChess manufactures and sells over 50 different varieties of giant chess sets. Our high-quality products are available at reasonable prices and can be custom-ordered to match up with just about any need or preference. If you'd like to learn more about how partnering with us can help grow your shopping mall's business, reach out today at for further details.


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