Why Campgrounds Purchase Giant Chess Sets and Other Giant Games

Why Campgrounds Purchase Giant Chess Sets and Other Giant Games

MegaChess 25 Inch Giant Plastic Chess Set at Washington DC Capitol KOA

As all campground owners know, running a successful camping site is all about location, activities, and amenities. The more there is to do at a campground, the more bookings it will have and the longer those bookings will be. If you're looking for a new activity to include at your campground, a giant chess set and outdoor games may be the perfect option for you. With a giant chess set, you can provide visitors of all ages with hours of fun. Here are just a few of the many reasons that a giant chess set and other oversized games may be the perfect addition to your campground's roster of outdoor activities.

Help Your Site Become a Destination for Recreation

If your campground can establish itself as a recreational destination, you will be able to attract more visitors and book your site to full capacity through much of the camping season. To set yourself up as a destination that people travel to from outside of your immediate area, though, you'll need more than access to the outdoors and ordinary sporting activities. True destinations have to be able to provide visitors with fun and diversion in several ways and setting up a giant chess set and other games at your campground is a great way to accomplish this. With a larger variety of activities available, your site is more likely to be picked as a travel destination.

Separate Your Campground from the Competition

One of the biggest challenges facing campground owners is the need to set their campgrounds apart from the competition. Campers can fish, have campfires, go hiking and see wildlife at just about any campground. To really make your camping area stand out from others nearby, you need to be able to offer amenities that campers can't find with your competition.

Arguably the easiest way to set your campground apart from your competition is to offer more recreational opportunities. A giant chess set and other games for campers to play will make visitors more likely to choose your site over similar ones nearby. Because chess is popular as an intellectually stimulating game, it can also help your campground appeal to people who like to combine education with recreation.

To get the full benefits of having these activities available, be sure to feature them prominently on your website. By listing the activities, you have available or including pictures of your giant chess set on your site, you can grab the attention of potential campers and make them more likely to book a stay with you. If you use social media marketing to attract visitors, you can also include pictures of your giant chess set on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

MegaChess 25 Inch Giant Plastic Chess Set at Tree Corners Family Campground

Attract More Camping Families

While giant chess boards are fun for everyone, they are especially attractive to families traveling with their children. A campground with giant chess and other games will give kids something to do during downtime or in the evenings. With a giant chess set in your camping area, families can continue to enjoy the outdoors in between hiking, fishing, and other sporting activities.

Best of all, a giant chess set at your campground will give parents an opportunity to engage with their kids while teaching them something new. Children who haven't played the game before can learn a fun new game, while parents can pass on the rudiments of a skill that has historically been considered one of the best mental exercises for people of all ages. By making a giant chess set available to your guests, you can provide opportunities for parents and children to spend more time together and engage with each other as a family.

The push to attract more families will be extremely important in the coming years, as younger people are quickly discovering the joys of camping. According to a 2017 report created by the National RV Dealers Association, Millennials now make up nearly 40 percent of campers. As more people in this age demographic continue to have children, it will be essential for campgrounds to provide activities for the entire family. In this sense, a giant chess set is both a great way to attract families now and an investment in the future appeal of your campground.

Lengthen the Average Stay at Your Campground

For campground owners, longer stays mean more money. When a cabin or campsite is booked for several days in a row, it will produce its maximum possible cash flow. Sites that are only booked for one or two days at a time, by contrast, may have several unoccupied days in between bookings during which they will produce no income. These unoccupied periods can significantly impact your bottom line and prevent your campground from reaching its maximum revenue potential.

To get visitors to stay longer, you'll need to ensure that they have plenty to do during their visit. This is where a giant chess set and some other games can come in handy. By providing your guests with a larger assortment of activities, you'll make them more likely to book for several days or even for the entire week. Campgrounds without extra activities, by contrast, often have trouble getting their guests to book anything longer than a 2-day weekend camping trip.

MegaChess 25 Inch Plastic Giant Chess Set Giant Chess Set at Ayers Rock Campground Yulara

Want to Learn More About Giant Chess Sets for Your Campground?

As you can see, adding a giant chess set can have several benefits for your campground and help make it more successful as a business. If you're interested in investing in a giant chess set or would like to learn more about the options that are available, you can use any of the following three resources from MegaChess:

Critical Factors in Purchasing a Giant Chess Set

Campground Owners and Managers may understand the many benefits that buying a giant chess set can bring to their center. However, they may wonder which product would best fit their specific needs. Here are 4 crucial factors that managers should consider before making a final purchase decision:

  • The cost of a giant chess set is always an important factor. At MegaChess, we offer a wide range of affordable options for oversized chess boards and pieces. We understand that many campground managers are looking for high-quality sets that won't break the bank, and we have the capabilities to deliver on that.
  • Giant chess sets that are located in crowded, high traffic areas need to be tough. For example, MegaChess' synthetic wood chess boards have the classic look of a wooden chessboard but last forever. Our plastic and perfect giant chess sets will provide years of use.
  • Many campgrounds host special events throughout the year. If a giant chess set needs to be moved periodically, then managers should look into the portable options from MegaChess, such as our giant chess board templates or our commercial roll-up boards.

Partnering with MegaChess to Grow Your Campground's Business

  • The purchase and installation of a giant chess set may sound like a novel way to attract visitors to your campground. The truth is, buying a giant chess set is an affordable investment that will likely yield rich dividends for years to come. It can entice chess aficionados to visit your shopping center; occupy and entertain reluctant visitors as their partners continue shopping, and boost your campground's reputation as a can't-miss "hotspot" that offers exceptional customer experience and promotes local community building.
  • MegaChess manufactures and sells over 50 different varieties of giant chess sets. Our high-quality products are available at reasonable prices and can be custom-ordered to match up with just about any need or preference. If you'd like to learn more about how partnering with us can help grow your campground's business, reach out today at info@megachess.com for further details.
  • View our webpage for campgrounds to browse the best selection of giant chess sets to set up at your campground.
  • Call us at 855-634-2055. Our design consultants will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you in choosing the right set.
  • Get in touch through our website's contact page to ask any questions you have about giant chess sets

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