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Why Schools Buy Giant Chess Sets

Ken Hagerstrom

Why Schools Buy Giant Chess Sets

A school system's teachers, principals, and administrative officials should all be focused on the same objective: providing exceptional education to their students. As children continue to grow and adapt to a changing world, conscientious school leaders are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to help learners progress academically, mentally, and even emotionally.

Of course, such efforts usually require a significant investment of time and resources. However, there are many inexpensive and effective solutions available to schools today that can help teachers to better reach their students' minds and hearts throughout the school year. One such solution is the purchase of a giant chess set.

At MegaChess, we've found that many schools are keenly interested in the educational benefits that giant chess sets can offer. The following information will discuss some key benefits of buying a giant chess set, as well as the critical factors that go into choosing the best one for any given institution of learning.

MegaChess 16 Inch Plastic Giant Chess Set on Stencilled Chess Board

3 Reasons Why Schools Purchase Giant Chess Sets

While there could be several valid reasons for a school to purchase a giant chess set, we'll focus on 3 key benefits that have motivated many principals and chess club leaders to adopt this innovative solution.

#1 - Improved Academic Performance

It's no secret that numerous studies have linked chess instruction to enhanced cognitive ability and processing, especially in areas such as mathematics, language, and reading comprehension. For example, one study conducted in Marina, California found that after only 20 days of chess instruction, over half (55%) of participating students showed significant improvement in academic performance. Moreover, the analytical aspects of chess can help students to develop key problem-solving strategies and techniques that can later be applied to both theoretical and real world situations.

A giant chess set can grab the attention of an entire class, and help the teacher to provide both group and one-on-one instruction in a fun and engaging way. When located on the playground, a giant chess set can serve as an attraction to more intellectually inclined students, and indirectly boost academic performance during break periods.

#2 - Physical and Mental Stimulation

An ever-accumulating mountain of evidence indicates that physical activity in some form is a key component of a healthy and alert mind, and has a strong correlation with academic achievement. In fact, an excess of time spent in a sedentary, passive position can be counterproductive for both the physical and mental growth of a developing child.

Effective teachers must walk a fine line between physical and mental stimulation for their students. In this regard, giant chess sets can offer the best of both worlds. While not strenuous exercise by any means, the light physical activity associated with moving the pieces around the big board can provide a boost to a student's cognitive functions, and a welcome break from passive classroom learning.

#3 - Assistance in Teaching Physically or Mentally Disabled Children

Teachers of physically or mentally disabled children must adopt creative strategies to effectively assist their students. Teachers can leverage chess instruction to help their students learn valuable life skills, such as:

  • The ability to function within a defined set of rules
  • Higher-order thinking and reasoning
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork and collaboration

Giant chess sets can provide a forum in which physically disabled children, such as those affected by cerebral palsy or hemiplegia, are empowered to make decisions and analyze the results of those decisions. Teachers can leverage such equipment to help students with attention deficit disorders learn concentration skills, such as how to implement step-by-step directions. Moreover, giant chess sets provide the opportunity for organized and structured instruction, which is so valuable when assisting students with autism.

Critical Factors in Choosing a Giant Chess Set

Apart from the many educational benefits that a giant chess set can provide, there are also several practical considerations that must be taken into account when selecting such a product. 4 key factors associated with this decision are:


Many schools that have purchased giant chess sets require quick and easy relocation for the board and pieces as needed. For example, a teacher may want to set up a giant chess set in the school gymnasium for a morning class, yet that same gym must be clear for a basketball game later in the day. Clearly, if a school does not have a space dedicated solely to the use of the giant chess board, then portable equipment is a must.


A giant chess set is an investment, and it only makes sense for a school to do everything it can to protect that investment. One way to do so is to select board and piece material that is long-lasting and able to withstand a measure of incidental abuse. After all, children are not known for handling delicate equipment with care.

Price – Low Prices Plus a 10% off Coupon for all Schools

Giant chess sets are much more affordable than some school officials may think. For example, at MegaChess our price range for giant chess sets generally falls between $59 to a low as $500 for a 25 inch tall durable giant chess board and portable chess board. You can see the giant chess sets specifically designed for public and private schools at this link.


Finally, schools may want to personalize their giant chess set to include the school logo, school colors, or other unique design elements. We have a number of customization options for your consideration.

The Benefits of Working with MegaChess

As discussed above, giant chess sets can offer many educational benefits to teachers, students, and school systems as a whole. They aid in cognitive processing, promote mental and physical health, and offer a creative method for teaching disabled students.

At MegaChess, we are an industry leader in the design, construction, and installation of giant chess sets. We've worked with hundreds of principals, chess club leaders, and other administrators to provide oversized chess equipment that perfectly aligns with their objectives and needs.

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of purchasing a giant chess set or want to dig into the details of our service, reach out to one of our design consultants at 855-634-2055 today or email us at our contact page for further information and your coupon for 10% off your purchase.

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