Why Resorts Invest in Giant Chess Sets

Why Resorts Invest in Giant Chess Sets

MegaChess has worked with hundreds of Resort Managers and Activities Directors around the world to help them select the best giant chess set for their needs. In talking resort managers, we hear three main themes as to why they’ve invested in a giant chess set:

  • They occupy their guests time in a fun and educational way
  • They are an attraction that brings the resort's guests together in a social setting
  • They extend the length of time guests stay at bars and lounges increasing their average guest checks

One of the fastest-growing segments of our business is the resort industry. As any resort manager knows, satisfying the diverse needs of different families can be difficult. But a giant chess set is often the perfect fit.

MegaChess 72 Inch Tall Giant Chess Set

The Four Most Popular Locations for a Giant Chess Set at a Resort

Very few attractions catch the eye of a guest like a giant chess set. Similar to large outdoor fireplaces, people are attracted to a giant chess set. Without fail, a giant chess set always has a group of people around the set. While some play, others provide commentary and more simply enjoy watching the game being played.

The four main places you’ll find a Giant Chess Set at a resort are;

  • The resort’s lobby
  • Around the pool most frequented by children
  • Outside of a high end, late night lounge or pub
  • Built into the landscape of a garden or pathway

Giant Chess Sets in your Lobby – From Check-in to Checkmate

Resorts are supposed to be all inclusive fun. From start to finish, guests should be relaxing. But if they're standing in line to check in alongside other restless guests, things can go from relaxed to frustrating very quickly. A giant chess set in the lobby will allow families to play while the line crawls along. Those traveling without a family can use the game to get a jump on the social aspects of their stay. It's not the same as kicking back on the beach with a margarita, but shuffling giant Knights around in the lobby is its own brand of fun.

The sooner guests get to start enjoying themselves, the longer they have at the resort. If you make sure they have fun before their check-in even completes, they've got a great foundation to enjoy the rest of the resort.

Giant Chess at the Pool – Occupying Kids Time So Their Parents Can Relax

Families go on vacation for many reasons, but at the heart of most vacations is the opportunity for the parents to relax and decompress. For many families that means the resort has to have a way to safely occupy their guest’s children in a fun and perhaps educational way. Enter, a Giant Chess Set!

Kids are mesmerized by the size of a giant chess set. Many times, the pieces come up to their waist or even their chests. Our light weight, durable chess pieces are easy for the kids to move around. Kids don't need to understand the rules of chess to have fun with the sets, though. Simply playing around and moving the pieces can be enough to break up the monotony of resort activities, as peaceful as it can be.

One place many resorts chose to play their chess sets is near their pools. This gives the children something to do while parents are relaxing but ensures they stay within earshot. Any parent knows a restful vacation can quickly go off the rails if children find themselves with idle hands.

A chess set keeps them busy and entertained while their young brains get a workout (and parents get to relax!). The sets function as an excellent child occupier, but they're also an attraction on their own. Pushing the pieces around is an activity the whole family can enjoy whether they're grandmasters or haven't ever played before. Intellectually inclined children may be more drawn to the board than others but there's no rule that they have to play chess "the right way"—and if you've met enough kids, you know they'll enjoy themselves anyway.

Getting Adults in on the Fun – Cash in on your Giant Chess Set

It's not only kids who enjoy chess, however. Many parents (especially fathers) take it upon themselves to teach their children the game of chess. If a resort has a giant set, it's an easy way for different generations to bond and play together. Heavily family focused resorts can use large chess sets to bring parents and kids together, but they're also a great fit for more grown-up resorts.

A resort with a high-end bar wants to do everything they can to keep adults hanging out and drinking. Giant chess sets are the perfect addition to a resort’s pub, whiskey bars or lounge. Over the last decade, resorts have built expensive outdoor fireplaces as a way to attract their guest’s attention and keep them hanging around the bar area. It has been a successful but expensive approach.

A more economical option to keep guests entertained around the bar is a giant chess set. Not only is it great for guests to play together, the large pieces serve as a social lubricant. Just like small chess games built into public park tables, the board lets new and experienced players meet each other and talk in a low-pressure situation. If you've spent much time around chess players, you'll know they love to introduce it to new players. And when the drinks are flowing, who can say no?

An Unexpected Garden Attraction

If your resort encourages guests to wander around the property, placing a Giant Chess Set in a garden can be an unexpected surprise for your guests. Many resorts that attract wedding parties have areas set aside for the bridal parties’ photo sessions. For the rest of the time, that area is unused. A Giant Chess Set can be the perfect attraction to occupy that space when not in use for weddings or special events.

What are the Critical Components of a Giant Chess Set for Resorts?

  • Durability – you don’t want to worry about a chess piece being broken by your guests. MegaChess offers many types of chess sets, but we focus on durable outdoor chess sets designed specifically for resorts.
  • Portability – Resorts need the ability to quickly move their giant chess set and chess board if the area needs to be used for a special event. We make giant chess sets and chess boards that can be easily moved if needed.
  • Personalization – most of our chess sets can be personalized with your logo. We can even make set light up in your color scheme at night!

A Winning Strategy

Whether a resort expects plenty of families or none at all, every resort stands to benefit from another activity anyone can enjoy. A giant chess set can be enjoyed by different people in different ways, but its presence goes a long way toward sparking creativity. Some resorts offer golf and some offer beaches. Plenty offer neither, but still manage to attract tens of thousands of guests a year. If a giant chess set improves only a small percentage of guests' visits, it'll be worth it in no time.

So, How Do You Learn More About Giant Chess Sets?

Giant chess sets are an investment, but they're surprisingly affordable. With a variety of sets available, MegaChess surely offers one that fits your resort feel and budget. More than 50 different sets are available and the sizes range from 6 inches up to 6 feet.

There are three ways you can learn more about if a Giant Chess Set is right for your resort;

  • We have set up a page specifically for resorts where you can browse options that may work for your resort.
  • You can call us at 855-634-2055 and speak with one of our design consultants who can answer any questions you might have.
  • You can ask us any questions through our website's contact page.


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