how many chess pieces in a set

So you want to learn to play chess? Congratulations! You're about to take on a game with roots in 8th century India. A chess game requires time, patience and a willingness to learn. One of the first things a new chess player needs to know is how many chess pieces are in a set.

We'll help you get started on your journey from novice to a Class A player (and beyond) by answering the basic questions about the game of chess. We'll cover the number of chess pieces each player gets, the names of the chessmen, the value of each and why playing on a giant chess set from MegaChess is a great way to learn the game.

Exactly How Many Pieces Are in a Chess Set?

There are 32 chess pieces (also called "chessmen") in a set. Each player gets 16 dark- or 16 light-colored chess pieces. (In most chess sets, the pieces are black and white.) The chessmen are positioned on a chessboard with 64 squares, grouped on an eight-by-eight grid. Each dark square alternates with a white square.

What Are the 16 Pieces in Chess Called?

There are eight different kinds of pieces in a chess set, and the quantity of each varies, as does their value in the game. This value is based, in part, on how easily they're able to move across the chessboard.

The type and quantity of each chess piece is listed below in order of value, from highest to lowest:

  • (1) One King
  • (1) One Queen
  • (2) Two Knights
  • (2) Two Bishops
  • (2) Two Rooks
  • (8) Eight Pawns

It's worth noting that while the king is the most important piece in a chess game, it's the queen who is considered the most powerful piece.

how many chess pieces in a set

Positioning all the Chess Pieces

Pawns are your first line of defense, so they're placed in the row above the other pieces. The rooks go on each corner of the chessboard, a knight is placed next to each rook, followed by a bishop on the third square in. The queen is to the left of the king. This completes your chessboard set-up. Here's what it looks like:

how many chess pieces in a set

Which Ways Do the Chess Pieces Move?

  • King: Any direction, one square at a time.
  • Queen: The queen moves in one direction, as many squares as she wishes. She is the only piece that has this freedom of movement.
  • Bishop: Diagonally as many squares as you want.
  • Knight: Can only move three squares in an "L" pattern (two squares one way, the third square another way).
  • Rook: Forward, backward and sideways, as many squares as you want.
  • Pawn: On its first move, a pawn can go forward two spaces; otherwise a pawn can move only one square forward.

Keep in mind, these moves apply to unoccupied squares. If your opponent's chess piece is sitting on a square that's blocking your progress, you'll either need to stop or capture your opponent's chessman.

how many chess pieces in a set

Why a Giant Chess Set Is Good for Beginners

Installing a giant chess set in your family room, backyard or other recreational space is a terrific way to teach new players the game. Rather than crowding around a table, new chess players can clearly and easily see chess moves being demonstrated on a giant chess board.

The relaxed setting makes new players feel more at ease. Players can even team up and help each other out as they learn the nuances of the game together.

MegaChess has individual giant and oversized chess pieces to fit your space. Some of the most popular giant chessmen are

How Many Chess Pieces Are in a Set From MegaChess?

MegaChess giant chess boards and chessmen replicate classic chess sets, but on a grander scale. So, 32 is how many chess pieces are in a set from MegaChess. Choose from various sizes of giant chess pieces and chess board materials to create a game in your backyard, family room or in a public space like a park.

Whether you want to create a permanent place for your giant chess game or you want something more portable, MegaChess has large chess sets that will entertain you, your family and your guests for hours at a time. Check out our Giant Chess Set Buying Guide today to choose the right MegaChess set for you!

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