Giant Chess Sets Becoming More Popular In Resorts Around The World!

Waterside by Spinnaker Resorts is a beautiful resort located on Hilton Head Island. While the Waterside attracts many of their guests due to their proximity to a beautiful beach, they offer two luxurious pools to lounge around on days you choose to stay on the resort grounds.

MegaChess 25" Plastic Chess Set at the Waterside by Spinnaker Resorts in Hilton Head

Near the pool, the Waterside Resort has our MegaChess 25 inch tall black and white large chess set. This is the perfect sized set for this location. The 25” set is great for all ages. The light and durable giant chess pieces make it such a fun game to enjoy with the entire family. This set is extremely durable and does not need much space fitting perfectly in on their pool deck.

Resorts all around the world have put our sets in various locations on their grounds. While the pool deck, is a very popular location, other resorts place their giant chess set in the front lobby, giving guests something to occupy their time while waiting to be checked in. Other resorts place their giant chess set near their most popular bars and restaurants giving their guest's options while waiting for a table. Others choose open lawns or garden settings for their guests to play as they wonder their grounds.

This set is great for any open space you are looking to fill!  Giant chess allows your adult guests to relax knowing their kids are safely occupied.

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