Apartment Complex Owners Search For Ways To Engage Their Residents With Fun Activities

Apartment complex owners are searching for ways to add amenities to their properties that entertain their residents. Many owners believe that by offering activities that keeping residents on their properties and engaged in fun, family activities, they increase resident retention rates. After all, why leave such a fun place to live!

Apartment complex owners are constantly searching for inexpensive, fun activities for their residents. The MegaChess 25 inch giant chess set offers residents a way to engage with guests and entertain family and friends giving guests a space that everyone feels comfortable in.

GreenVue apartments opened their outdoor space for endless fun. With a pool, basketball court, and a giant chess set, GreenVue encourages their residents to bring family and friends to the property, increasing its exposure within the community.

This giant chess set is one of our most popular sets. As seen in the picture GreenVue apartments made their own chess board out of bricks which gives this set a permanent home. MegaChess offers apartment complex owners a guide to help them build their own giant chess board and a number alternatives for those not wanting other options.

This giant chess set and board is a  great addition to what looks like a location that will make a lot of memories with GreenVue Apartments residents friends and family!

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