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Uber Games Composite Croquet Balls - 12oz - 1st Colors

Uber Games Composite Croquet Balls - 12oz - 1st Colors
Item #: UG152-1
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  • (4) Croquet Balls - 3.625 inch diameter, (1) Nylon Carrying Bag
  • Primary Colors: (1) Black ball; (1) Red ball; (1) Yellow ball; (1) Blue ball
  • Secondary Colors: (1) Brown ball; (1) Pink ball; (1) White ball; (1) Green ball
  • Heavy-duty nylon transport storage bag included for easy portability
  • Add, Upgrade or Replace your Croquet Ball Set
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The Uber Games Croquet Ball Set is a high-qualtiy set of regulation size croquet balls that are highly durable, and are built to last. Composite Croquet balls are generally sold in finer quality Croquet sets because composite balls offer more durability than the typical wooden ball sets. You can add, upgrade or replace your current Croquet Balls with these composite Croquet Balls. They are compatible with any Croquet Set. The croquet ball set includes (4) Croquet Balls and (1) Nylon Carrying Bag to make for an easier carry. They come in 2 separate colors. The 1st Colour group is black, red, yellow and blue. The 2nd Colour group is brown, pink, white and green. You can turn your 4 player game into a 8 player game with the 2nd color group. The 1st color group is the standard set sold with the premium versions of Uber Games 9-wicket Croquet Set so this color group set is a replacement set if you have lost or damaged any of the croquet balls that came with your croquet set originally.

No matter which one of the Uber Games Croquet Ball Sets you choose to buy, they are all highly durable and are sure to last for years to come.

Croquet Game Sets are sold separately.