The Perfect Chess Set, Tournament Chess Set - Quadruple Weighted Staunton Pieces - Classic XL Super Heavyweight Edition

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The Perfect Chess Set is Not Just Another Chess Set. This chess set was designed to help you become a better chess player. We have combined world-class components and a comprehensive training program to help you master your game.

The Tournament-style Staunton chess pieces are large, easy to handle, and have a weighted, felted base that makes them perfect for indoor or outdoor play.

The set includes two silicone boards that lay flat and wipe clean, so you don't have to worry about spills or creases. One board is green and white, and the other board is black and white. Both chessboards include algebraic notation.

All the components fit neatly into the included decorative game box so that you can take the Perfect Chess Set with you everywhere.

The Perfect Chess Set includes free access to our online training programs.

  • The Chess Skills Blueprint allows you to assess your current chess skills, compare your skills to a comprehensive set of chess sets, and gauge which skills will help you improve your game.
  • A complete 4-hour online training class designed to teach introductory chess skills.
  • Access to Advanced Training Videos designed to teach intermediate and advanced skills.
  • Discounts to additional online training courses through our training partner Nelson Lopez from ChessVibes.
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  • Play chess outside with this set of 34 triple-weighted chess pieces. These plastic-filled pieces provide a high-quality, sturdy feel and won’t blow over in the wind.
  • 2 Kings (one black and one white) height 4.1" - base 1.9” - weight 75g
  • 4 Queens (two black and two white) height, 3.2” - base 1.8” - weight 55g
  • 4 Bishops (two black and two white) height 3” – base 1.5” – weight 42g
  • 4 Knights (two black and two white) height 2.7” – base 1.5” – weight 61g
  • 4 Rooks (two black and two white) height 2.5” – base 1.6” – weight 61g
  • 16 Pawns (eight black and eight white) height 1.9" – base 1.4” – weight 35g
  • The bottom of the pieces are felted
  • Thirty-four pieces total (2 extra queens). Total weight ~ 4 lbs
  • Our two 20” x 20” silicone chess boards with algebraic notation are ideal for players of all ages.
  • Tournament ready



  • Thirty-four Quadruple Weighted tournament-style chess pieces with extra queens.
  • Two lay flat silicone chess boards. One in Green and White and one in Black and White. Both include algebraic notation.
  • Instructions to access the Perfect Chess Set Chess Skills Blueprint and our comprehensive online training tools.
  • Convenient Perfect Set Box holds all of the pieces and makes your set portable.

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