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The 6 Player Pro Croquet Set is a great quality full-size croquet set that contains everything you will need for a 6 player game of croquet! Ideal for up to 6 players

The 6 Player Pro Croquet Set is a beautifully crafted and durable croquet set. The 6 player Pro Croquet set is supplied with two different sized mallets to enable adults of differing heights to play with a suitably sized mallet.

The 6 Player Pro Croquet Set is also supplied with composite croquet balls as is consistent with the better croquet sets on the market, these composite croquet balls offer more durability than the traditional wooden croquet balls.

A seriously chic addition to any croquet court, this six-player set features mallets that come in two different sizes, six extra-durable balls and club-standard steel hoops that feature X-shaped ‘carrots’ for extra stability.

The 6 player pro croquet set includes:

6 x wooden mallets in two sizes with octagonal handles, approximately 3lbs each:

  • 4 x 97cm (38”) mallet with 23cm x 8cm (9” x 3”) hardwood head
  • 2 x 87cm (34”) mallet with 23cm x 8cm (9” x 3”) hardwood head
  • 6 x 16oz composite balls that are 9cm (3 5/8”) in diameter
  • 9 x steel hoops with stability ‘carrots’ that are 11mm (xx”) in diameter and 43cm (17½”) high / 10cm (4”) wide. Dipped to 13cm (5½”) to leave regulation 30cm (12”) above ground
  • 1 x hoop ‘smasher’ mallet with rubber head to protect the hoops
  • 4 x corner flags with metal poles
  • 6 x coloured croquet clips
  • 2 x hardwood center peg that is 53cm (21”) high / 3cm (1½”) in diameter

We also offer a Nylon Storage Bag, a Wooden Trolley, and a Wooden Croquet Storage Box for storage options.

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