MegaChess Quick Fold Nylon Giant Chess Mat With 13 Inch Squares

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This Nylon Folding Chess board is made from strong durable nylon fabric. It is perfect for backyards or any smooth surface. Slide it out of the lightweight drawstring bag and you're ready to play!

The durable, nylon tan and black playing surface is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. The colors reduce the visibility of dirt and looks great with the black and white plastic chess pieces or the light brown and dark brown teak chess pieces! Each square is more than 13 inches across. With a 1-inch border, the entire chess board measures nearly 9 feet on a side. It folds into a bundle 15 inches square and about an inch thick.

This Nylon Chess Board is designed for use with our 24" and 25" Chess Pieces. It's sturdy design allows it to be played on any surface. The large chess board has metal grommets in the four corners and comes with four metal stakes to keep the board tight while playing on grass.

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