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  • LARGER THAN LIFE FUN - VERY POPULAR SET: The 8-inch Plastic Giant Chess Set is a very popular set from MegaChess. While four times larger than most chess sets, this set is the smallest of our giant chess sets. Includes 16 black and 16 white pieces that range in height from an 8.25-inch king to a 4.5-inch tall pawn. Designed for indoor use with high-quality, long-lasting materials. The black and white mat is an economical chessboard option.
  • MADE TO LAST - HIGHLY DURABLE: These jumbo plastic chess sets are displayed worldwide in various climates and environments. Our 8-inch large chess set can be used outdoors but should be taken in after use. This set is frequently used on a tabletop and has felt protective padding on the base of each piece. Made of ABS injection-molded, hollow, recycled plastic, they are waterproof, resistant to UV rays, and will retain their huge shape and color regardless of the weather.
  • PERFECT FOR A TABLETOP: At less than a foot tall, these jumbo but lightweight chess pieces are four times the size of standard pieces, making it easy to lay chess anywhere, including on a tabletop. This set comes with a vinyl chessboard that is designed for indoor use but is frequently used outdoors in beautiful weather. Also includes a storage box and carry handle, so taking the set on outings is easy.
  • COMMERCIAL OR RESIDENTIAL: The set is designed to be very portable. This large-size tabletop chess set can be displayed anywhere at parties, campgrounds, schools, chess clubs, university and corporate campuses, cruise ships, local parks, and museums - for groups of people to enjoy the complex and entertaining strategy implementation in a game of chess. Chess can become a communal experience and bring together family and friends when played with oversized chess pieces.
  • MEGACHESS QUALITY: Each MegaChess item is meticulously handcrafted by artisans to ensure it maintains its appearance and integrity in all weather conditions and with frequent long-term use. We have manufactured large chess and checkers sets, boards, mats, and other accessories using the highest quality standards since 2002.

MegaChess 8 Inch Plastic Chess Set with a Vinyl Chess Board Specifications

  • King  1 black - 1 ivory piece - 8.25" tall - 3.75" base - 5.75 oz.
  • Queen  1 black - 1 ivory piece - 7.25" tall - 3.75" base - 4.5 oz.
  • Bishop  2 black - 2 ivory pieces - 6" tall - 3.25" base - 3.5 oz.
  • Knight  2 black - 2 ivory pieces  - 6" tall - 3.25" base - 5 oz.
  • Rook  2 black - 2 ivory pieces  - 4.25" tall - 3" base - 2.75 oz.
  • Pawn  8 black - 8 ivory pieces  - 4.5" tall - 2.75" base - 2 oz.
  • Vinyl Chess Mat - 4" squares - 36 x 36" board weight - 6 oz.

For the ultimate chess-playing experience, try our 8" oversized chess set! Standing up to 8.25 inches tall, the big, but not huge, pieces included in this set are designed to be very durable, making them perfect for outdoor settings where scores of people are likely to use them. These pieces are very light, which enables them to be easily moved around by young children.

You can make the set heavier by removing the felt base, poking a small hole in the plastic, adding sand, gluing the hole, and reapplying the felt. It's a small project but well worth the time if you enjoy a heavier chess piece.

Extra-large pieces made of rugged, waterproof, UV-protected ABS plastic. The set resists fading even when exposed to the elements. It's big enough to be more fun than the average-size chess set. Great for beginners. Perfect for lawn games, weddings, backyard fun, pubs, wineries, chess clubs, schools, hotels, resorts, campgrounds, special events, and more!

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  • Box #1  16 x 11 x 9  9 lbs.
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