MegaChess Commercial Grade Rollup Chessboard with 12 Inch Squares Optional Edge Ramps

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The Rubberized Vinyl Chessboard is a commercial-grade chessboard used in some of the finest resorts and residences in the world. This chess board has 12" squares and is indestructible. The main features of this massive chess board are portability, beauty, durability, and safety. Our Rubberized vinyl chessboard is the heavy-duty flooring material used at public gyms. This can stand up to any abuse your chess players can dish out and has an anti-skid surface. The tiles clip together quickly, and because it is flexible without being flimsy you can roll it up for quick storage.

The assembled chess board dimensions are 8' x 8' x .5"

This specific board has 32 white tiles and 32 black tiles. You can add the optional black safety edge ramps to beautifully finish the look of the chessboard and reduce catching your toe on the edge of the chessboard.

The Rubberized Vinyl is a chessboard of rugged vinyl tiles that simply click together. The tiles can be rolled out quickly or stored easily with room to pivot. Notice in our photos how quickly the chessboard can be moved from storage to its playing location and back again. This is an essential feature for resorts that need to clean under the chessboard regularly or move it from a semi-permanent location for other events.

We highly recommend finishing the chessboard with the optional Safety Edge Ramps. The Safety Edge Ramps provide a finished edge to the chessboard and are a major safety feature. The Edge Ramps angle down from the edge of the chessboard to the surface of the ground, eliminating a potential trip and fall incident. For commercial installations, this is a must.

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