MegaChess 72 Inch Topiary Wire Frame Giant Chess Set

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  • THE TALLEST AND DURABLE GIANT CHESS SET MADE: Our 72-inch topiary-wire frameset is one of the unique sets made. The set is made from quarter-inch welded steel. This set serves two purposes: as a playable, modern six-foot tall chess set and as a decorative set designed for plant lovers to grow shrubs into the shapes of giant chess pieces. After you place your order, we'll reach out to you to discuss the design options.
  • THE SIX-FOOT-TALL WIRE FRAME VERSION: The 72-inch wire frame set is a durable, modern giant chess set made for active play. In this format, the steel is galvanized, and the bases are propped up on hard rubberized anti-scratch pads that protect the chess board from scratching. The set can be found on a number of corporate facilities, college campuses, and city parks, where the set can easily be secured when not in use. Players of all ages can easily move the pieces in this lightweight set.
  • THE SIX-FOOT-TALL TOPIARY VERSION: Customers grow shrubs into giant chess pieces around their property or on a giant chess board. Customers who want their decorative giant chess pieces on a chessboard plant shrubs in planters and attach the chess pieces to the top of the planter. Customers who want to grow shrubs in the shape of giant chess pieces around their yard plant the shrubs in the ground and set the chess pieces on top of the plant.
  • COMMERCIAL OR RESIDENTIAL: This king-size yard chess set can be displayed anywhere - big open floors, backyards, parties, campgrounds, shopping malls, schools, university and corporate campuses, cruise ships, local parks, museums - for groups of people to enjoy the complex and entertaining strategy implementation in a game of chess. Chess can become a communal experience and bring together family and friends when played out in the open on a lifesize set.
  • MEGACHESS QUALITY: Each MegaChess item is meticulously handcrafted by artisans to ensure it maintains its appearance and integrity in all weather conditions and with frequent long-term use. We have been manufacturing large chess and checkers sets, boards, mats, and other accessories using the highest quality standards since 2002.

MegaChess 72 Inch Topiary / Wire Frame Giant Chess Set specifications

  • King 1 black - 1 white piece 72.5" tall - 16" base 6.5 lbs
  • Queen 1 black - 1 white piece 60.5" tall - 16"base 6 lbs
  • Bishop 2 black - 2 white pieces 54 tall - 16 base 5 lbs
  • Knight 2 black - 2 white pieces 50 tall - 16 base 6 lbs
  • Rook 2 black - 2 white pieces 39.6" tall - 16" base 5.5 lbs
  • Pawn 8 black - 8 white pieces 35 tall - 12.5" base" - 3 lbs

Imagine a garden with living chess pieces! Our Topiary Giant Chess Set with a 72 King is a great chess set for those with an interest in chess and gardening. Some of our customers play chess with the set, while others simply use the set for stunning visual effects.

The Wire Frame version rests on the chess board and is a lightweight and inexpensive way to obtain large chess pieces. Our customers have been very creative with this set. We've had customers who've added fabric to the frames to dress up the chess pieces, while others have added lights to internally illuminate the chess pieces for a stunning nighttime visual effect.

A wireframe is the lightest way to make a large, strong chess piece. Even kids can lift these MegaChess pieces. Each is handmade by a talented local Southern California artisan to ensure that these metal sculptures will be the talk of any garden party.

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