MegaChess 36 Inch Etched Glass Giant Chess Board

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This unique design is an etched glass coffee table. The tempered glass has 4-inch squares, a 2-inch clear border, and a 5-inch clear area for taken pieces, chess clock, drinks, or decorations. Most of our customers place this chess board on a table.

The glass is 36" x 42" x .5" with rounded corners, and weighs 63 lbs.

This is a substantial piece of tempered glass. The etched checkerboard is permanently sandblasted into the glass. The tempered glass chess board is quite sleek and incredibly strong. Tempered glass is much stronger than traditional glass products. In the unlikely case of the glass breaking, the safety glass breaks into small granular chunks rather than shards.

This version of the product is for the glass tabletop chess board only.

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