MegaChess 36 Inch Black Fiberglass Pawn Giant Chess Piece

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This is an individual Dark Fiberglass Pawn from our Fiberglass Chess Set with a 72" King.

This MegaChess Fiberglass Chess Set with a 72" King is one of the two finest chess life size chess sets in the world. (We also make the other - our Teak Chess Set with a 72" King!) When only the top-of-the-line will do, this is the chess set with no peer.

This 72" chess set, made of fiberglass, is quite dramatic in its presentation, whether located in expansive yard, house terrace, foyer, even large room with this as its central attraction.

Individual pieces from our Fiberglass Chess Set with a 72" King are used as props in movies, television series, award shows, photo shoots, corporate events, sales meetings fund raising benefits and Alice in Wonderland parties. We have hundreds of photos that can help you think through the most effective way to use on of our life size chess pieces as a prop for your event!

The set is a molded fiberglass and resin with the design of the traditional Staunton style that is familiar to all chess players. The artistry of the knight makes that the center of attention of this larger-than-life-size chess set. 

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