MegaChess 35 Inch Light Topiary Pawn Giant Chess Piece

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This is an individual Light Topiary Pawn from our Topiary Chess Set with a 72" King.

You can purchase this giant chess piece as a replacement piece for an existing chess set or as decorative pieces for your home or office or as a prop.

Imagine a garden with living chess pieces! Our Topiary Chess Set with a 72" King has great Chess Pieces for those with an interest in gardening. Some of our customers play chess with the set while others simply use the set for stunning visual effects.

We offer two versions of the chess set;

  • The Topiary version of the set is designed to attach to potted bushes
  • The Wire Frame version rests on the chessboard and is a lightweight and less expensive way to obtain large chess pieces.

Our customers have been very creative with this set. We've had customers who've added fabric to the frames to dress up the chess pieces while others have added lights to internally illuminate the chess pieces for a stunning nighttime visual effect.

Wire frame is the lightest way to make a large, strong chess piece. Even kids can lift these MegaChess pieces which are twice their height. Each is hand made by a talented local Southern California artisan

To ensure that these metal sculptures will be the talk of any garden party MegaChess Wire Frames and Topiary Chess Pieces are made of .25" welded steel. We coat each piece with black or white Rustoleum to prevent rust. These pieces can withstand all weather conditions. Each piece comes with a hard rubberized anti-scratch Pad to protect your chess board.

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