MegaChess 3 Inch Light Rubber Tree Pawn Giant Chess Piece

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This is an individual Light Rubber Tree Pawn from our Rubber Tree Chess Set with a 7" King.

You can purchase this giant chess piece as a replacement piece for an existing chess set or as decorative pieces for your home or office or as a prop.

This MegaChess Rubber Tree Chess Set with a 7" King is an environmentally friendly alternative to the Teak Chess Set with an 8" King.

The MegaChess Rubber Tree Chess Set with a 7" King has beautiful chess pieces. Every piece has been carefully crafted to make this beautiful chess set. This 7" set is one of our best sellers due to its classic design. This set is also a big seller in that if fits on a chessboard with 3" Squares!

This is the only wooden chess set we sell that is machine made. We originally sold this these chess pieces only in conjunction with the Chess Table and Checkers but the chess pieces became so popular that we now sell them as a stand alone chess set at a fabulous low price!

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