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MegaChess 20 Inch Light Teak Rook Giant Chess Piece

MegaChess 20 Inch Light Teak Rook Giant Chess Piece |  |
Retail: $199.00 $299.00 Item #: MT36RW
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  • Individual Light Teak Rook - 19.5" Tall
  • 13" Base Diameter
  • 30 lbs.

This is an individual Light Teak Rook from our Teak Chess Set with a 36" King.

You can purchase this giant chess piece as a replacement piece for an existing chess set or as decorative pieces for your home or office or as a prop.

The MegaChess Teak Chess Set with a 36" King is simply stunning. Every piece has been carefully hand crafted to make this beautiful chess set. The 36" set is one of our best sellers due to its classic design and exceptional beauty. The traditional Staunton style is familiar to all chess players.

Teak chess pieces also make exceptional gifts, home decorations, and photo props.

MegaChess Teak Chess Pieces are superior to any made in the world for the following reasons;

  1. The Teak used to craft the MegaChess Teak Chess Pieces is among the finest in the world.
  2. The long drying process and curing of this exquisite wood ensures that it is durable and weather resistant and suitable for year round use.
  3. Sun resistant stain is applied to the chess pieces to enhance the beauty of the natural teak.
  4. We finish the chess pieces with high-grade protective polyurethane to enhance the beauty of the chess pieces.
  5. We apply a high quality felt pad on the base of each piece to protect the playing surface.
  6. Every chess piece is handmade by experienced craftsman.

These hand carved chess pieces with the light side retaining it full natural color with a light, sun protecting stain and the dark color being stained to allow you to see the natural grains in this elegant wood.

This is the third largest of our seven teak chess sets. The King stands 36" tall. These pieces are suitable for play indoors or outdoors. The 36" King is more than nine times the size of a traditional chess piece.

Our Teak Chess Pieces are featured around the globe in some of the most exquisite resorts, country clubs, corporate settings, and backyards.

Specifications for the MegaChess Teak Chess Set with a 36" King:

Rook - 1 piece - 19.5" tall with 13" base - weight 30 lbs.

Total 1 piece - weight 30 lbs.