MegaChess MegaBox Teak Giant Chess Board With 4 Inch Squares - 2' 10" x 2' 10"

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The MegaBox is a unique and impressive chess board designed to be played with the MegaChess Teak Chess Set with an 8" King. This solid teak, hand-made chess board has 4" squares and a clam-shell design. When open, the MegaBox is a stunning chess board. When folded, the felt lined box is designed to store our hand carved Teak Chess Set with an 8" King!

The prized teak is from Indonesia, which is among the finest and most highly regarded in the world. The wood is cured for 2 years and then each piece is hand-made by experienced craftsman.

The MegaBox is not only beautiful, it is also very strong and durable. Teak is regarded as one of the strongest and most durable woods on earth. Due to the unique properties of teak oil, the teak is resistant to the elements, decay and insects.

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