MegaChess Hard Plastic Giant Chess Board with 15 Inch Squares 9' 10" x 9' 10"

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This plastic chess board is composed of interlocking black and white 14" plastic squares and is designed for our 25" or taller chess sets and our Plastic Checkers with a 10" Diameter. All-weather and sturdy, this chess board can stand abuse and is slip-resistant. No tools are required for assembly.

This big chess board is perfect if you need a solid or more permanent chessboard. It is perfect for events or long-term installations as it can be time-consuming to set up and take down the board. You can assemble and disassemble the board as often as you like.

Specifications for MegaChess Hard Plastic Chessboard with 14 Inch Squares
  • 32 black squares - 14.75 Inch square
  • 32 White squares - 14.75 Inch Squares
Shipping Information
  • This product ships in one box by FedEx Ground
  • Box #1 - 17" x 17" x 20" - 45 lbs
  • The set ships within 1 business day of the time your order is placed
  • Contact us for international shipping costs and next day delivery


MegaChess Hard Plastic Board Assembly Instructions

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