Custom Color Hard Plastic Chessboard with 12 Inch Squares With Edge Ramps

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    The MegaChess Commercial Grade Hard Plastic Chessboard with 12 Inch Squares is designed for

    • Colorful chessboard options with 13 available colors
    • Commercial and residential customers seeking a durable and elegant chessboard they can leave out year-round in all climates.
    • Customers who are looking for High-End Style – Provides a polished and professional look
    • Minimum disruption in inclement weather - The board is self-draining, allowing maximum airflow and drainage of liquids and debris
    • An easy-to-clean Surface – Resistant to petroleum products and most chemicals
    • Made in the USA
    • Customers who don't have room for our Hard Plastic Chessboard with 15 inch squares.
    • Customers who want the added safety and finished look of adding Safety Edge Ramps

    Includes Safety Edge Ramps - this feature serves two purposes -

    • Reduces trip and fall possibilities by reducing the lip of the board to the ground level.
    • Adds an attractive border to the edge of the chessboard

    Designed for use with -

    • Any of our 2 Foot Giant Plastic Chess Sets (Plastic, Perfect, Fiberglass, Teak)
    • Our 3 Foot and 4 Foot Plastic Giant Chess Sets
    • MegaChess 10 Inch Plastic and Perfect Checkers

    Best Surfaces for the chessboard - 

    • Hard Flat Surfaces
    • Decking or flagstone

    This chessboard is not recommended for use on grass with the safety edge ramps as they tend to elevate the edges of the board on grass due to their lightweight. You can remove the edge ramps and clip the loops from the edges of two sides of the chessboard.

    The durable playing surface is ideal for outdoor use. The colors reduce dirt visibility, and it looks great with the black-and-white plastic chess pieces or the light brown and dark brown teak chess pieces! Its sturdy design allows it to be played on any surface. 

    Board Dimensions

    • Square size is 12 inches
    • This set has smooth edges
    • The total board size is 99 inches x 99 inches or 8 feet 3 inches x 8 feet 3 inches, including the safety edge ramps
    Shipping Information
    • This product ships in one box by FedEx Ground
    • Box #1 - 25" x 25" x 10" - 40 lbs
    • The set ships within one business day of the time your order is placed
    • Contact us for international shipping costs and next-day delivery

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