Slotted Teak Chess Board with 6" Squares

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The MegaChess Slotted Teak Loose 6" Squares are ideal for inlaying into a tabletop or as floor tile for the larger sizes. Note that they are made by hand by the same artisans who make our teak MegaChess sets -- hence there is some variation to the dimensions (+/-10%).

The slotted teak loose squares connect together snugly and do not connect to each other. Some of our customers simply assemble the squares into a chessboard without any additional finishing. Others include the loose teak squares into a larger design.

The prized teak is from Indonesia, which is among the finest and most highly regarded in the world. The wood is cured for 2 years and then each piece is hand-made by experienced craftsman.

We are frequently asked about the difference between the solid teak squares and the slotted teak squares. While there is certainly a difference in appearance, the solid and slotted teak squares also solve different challenges.

The solid teak squares are perfect for indoor projects and outdoor projects that have excellent drainage. We have many customers who use the slotted squares for indoor projects as well. The slotted squares are designed to allow moisture to easily escape from beneath the squares so the teak dries out more quickly in rainy or moist conditions.

The Slotted Teak Chessboard with 6 Inch Squares is designed for our MegaChess 12 Inch Teak Chess Set and our 5 Inch Wide Teak Checkers. Neither is included with this chessboard.

Both the slotted and solid teak squares are designed for permanent installations.

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