Towering Titans: 37" Plastic vs. 38" Perfect Chess Set Showdown

Are you excited to play a game of chess on a massive scale? In one corner, we have the reigning champion, the 37" Plastic Giant Chess Set - an affordable and durable option for oversized chess. However, a new challenger is approaching, and the 38” Perfect Chess Set - a premium giant chess set that boasts incredible artistry and amazing fortitude. Get ready for an epic battle between these two giant chess sets!

Outdoor Durability Fit for Mother Nature

When it comes to lawn chess sets and giant outdoor games, weather resistance is essential. The 37" Plastic Set is made of durable polyethylene that's waterproof, UV-resistant, and virtually indestructible against the elements. It can withstand extreme temperatures and maintain its form and vibrant colors for years.

Meanwhile, the Perfect Challenger uses rotational molding technology to create seamless, chess pieces from rugged polyethylene and resin. This innovative process offers extra UV protection and a special stain-resistant additive, so the pieces will always look as good as new.

Piece Sizing: [Pushing the Boundaries of Large-Scale]


[Get ready to be impressed] by the massive sizes of these oversized chess pieces! The largest chess piece in the 37" set is a towering 37" king, with the rest of the pieces descending in size from 35" queens to 28" pawns. But the Resin Challenger set takes it up a notch with even larger sizes. The [substantial] 37.5" king chess piece is followed by 31" queens, and the smallest pieces are still impressive at 16" pawns. These giant chess pieces are truly [captivating].

This is where the two sets differ significantly. The includes:

Dimensions of the 37" Plastic set & 38" Perfect Chess Set

Piece Plastic Set Specifications Perfect Set Specifications
King Height: 37 inches Base Diameter: 9.5 inches Weight: 3.75 lbs Height: 37.5 inches Base Diameter: 14.5 inches Weight: 9 lbs
Queen Height: 35 inches Base Diameter: 9.5 inches Weight: 3.5 lbs Height: 31 inches Base Diameter: 12.75 inches Weight: 8.7 lbs
Bishops Height: 33.25 inches Base Diameter: 9.5 inches Weight: 3 lbs Height: 27.5 inches Base Diameter: 11.25 inches Weight: 6.7 lbs
Knights Height: 30 inches Base Diameter: 9.5 inches Weight: 3.25 lbs Height: 23 inches Base Diameter: 11.75 inches Weight: 6.9 lbs
Rooks Height: 28.5 inches Base Diameter: 9.5 inches Weight: 3 lbs Height: 20.5 inches Base Diameter: 12.25 inches Weight: 6.9 lbs
Pawns Height: 28 inches Base Diameter: 9.5 inches Weight: 2.5 lbs Height: 16 inches Base Diameter: 9.25 inches Weight: 4.1 lbs

Ultimate Convenience or Grand Presentation?

The Resin Chess set is incredibly easy to set up due to its seamless molding design. You don't need to assemble any pieces; just take them out of the box and start playing. On the other hand, the 37" Plastic edition requires some simple assembly.

If you're looking for a visually stunning centerpiece that will impress your guests, the Perfect set is the way to go. The pieces capture the Staunton styling that defines the game of chess. These elaborately carved chessmen boast rich detailing and a glossy finish that exudes decorative chess set royalty. Whether you display them indoors or outdoors, they are guaranteed to turn heads.

Versatile Vinyl or Single-Use Showpiece? You Decide

The 37" Plastic set is built with durable plastic construction that can withstand the elements for years. The 38" Perfect set combines plastic and resin materials for enhanced durability in the outdoor environment. However, the 37" edition is more flexible, as it allows you to easily adjust the height of the pieces from 25" up to a towering 49" scale. This makes the set adaptable for a range of activities, from simple side-yard play to grand outdoor exhibitions. Additionally, the lightweight, hollow design makes it effortless to transport and rearrange.

On the other hand, the Resin pieces are designed for premium venues and [eye-catching] displays. They have integrated, proportional bases, which require more floor space. With sizes topping out at nearly 4 feet tall, they guarantee a [impressive] presence that commands respect and attention at any venue or event.

Transforming Any Space into a Royally Engaging Chess Experience


When it comes to grand events, nothing beats the thrill of playing chess on giant indoor chess boards. These massive chess sets take the game to a whole new level of awesomeness. Whether you're hosting a lawn party, showcasing an upscale museum or corporate campus, or simply bonding with family in the backyard, these sets will transform any space into the perfect backdrop for strategic battles.

Both MegaChess sets are crafted with precision and care, ensuring that they will provide reliable performance for years to come, both indoors and outdoors. These oversized sets can withstand harsh weather conditions, heavy foot traffic, and even an occasional bump or drop. So, you can enjoy playing chess on them without worrying about their durability.

Raise Your Regalia: Customization for Kings and Queens

[But what good is triumphing on the battlefield if your victory isn't properly heralded?] Well, you're in luck - both the 37" Plastic and 38" Resin options offer customization capabilities to let you personalize your chess kingdom like the true ruler you are.

For the Plastic set, you can have your logo or design custom molded right onto the king piece chess and other select chessmen. The Resin collection takes it one step further by incorporating actual LED lights to make your prized chess pieces glow with brilliant luminosity. Just imagine playing under the stars, your radiant army commanding the shadows around them! Talk about turning your chess matches into an artful display of chess grandeur.

Deciding Your Ideal Giant Chess Champion

If you're in the market for a three-foot tall giant chess set, you have many options to consider. We have highlighted two in this article. The first one is the 37" Plastic set, which is an affordable option that is durable and portable, with adjustable height. The second option is the 38" Resin set, which is a premium option that is a work of art, with LED-illuminated pieces and seamless functionality.

Both options are great choices and offer the excitement of playing chess on a grand scale. When making your decision, consider your budget, display preferences, and portability needs. By doing so, you'll be able to choose the option that's right for you and take your chess game to the next level.

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