Introducing the MegaChess Giant Light-Up LED Chess Set Collection

MegaChess customizes four or our giant chess sets to light up at night. Our four Giant Chess Sets are;

  • MegaChess 25 Inch Plastic LED Giant Chess Set
  • MegaChess 26 Inch Perfect LED Giant Chess Set
  • MegaChess 38 Inch Perfect LED Giant Chess Set
  • MegaChess 48 Inch Perfect LED Giant Chess Set


Within each of the four Giant LED Chess Set models, we make three options of each Giant LED Chess Set. With our chess sets, only the white chess pieces are translucent and allow the bright LED colors to glow through the chess pieces. The black chess pieces are opaque and prevent light from glowing through the pieces.

With our Giant LED Chess Sets you can choose the white sides of the chess set to glow red, blue, green, or bright white.

Option #1 - Day and Night Value Set -  During the day this looks like a regular black and white chess set but at night with the simple click of a button the white side will light up the night in brilliant colors!  We offer this option as an affordable value for our customers who want an led chess set for night time play but would also like to use this set during the day. 

Option 2 - Night Time Only Set - With this set, you will receive two white sides that light up in two different colors of your choice.  We offer this option for our customers who want to make a bold statement at night and will not need the set during the day.  Playing with this set during the day will be difficult because without the lights turned on you will have all white pieces.

Option 3- Day and Night Deluxe Set - This set combines options 1 and 2.  With this set, you will receive 2 white sides and a black side.  By day you will have a classic black and white chess set.  At night put those black pieces away for a second led side. We offer this option for our customers who want to both make a statement at night but would also like to be able to use the pieces during the day.

Feel free to reach out to us at 855-634-2055 or email us at if you have any additional questions.

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