Five Indoor/Outdoor Architectural Trends & How Giant Chess Sets Fit Into the Picture

In a May 2019 article, author Amanda Lauren for Forbes noted five residential indoor/outdoor architectural trends that continue to be aspirational for homeowners across the country — including giant chess sets. The large outdoor chess sets mentioned in the article remain popular, entertaining family members and guests alike.

We'll show you how you can incorporate giant chess sets into any of these modern architectural trends for the ultimate experience.

5 Top Trends for Indoor/Outdoor Living

According to Lauren, the line between outdoor and indoor spaces is becoming less distinct. Here are five non-traditional uses for outdoor spaces as featured in Forbes:

1. Rooftops as Backyards

City dwellers, homeowners with beachfront property and anyone who isn't able to expand their property may choose to extend their outdoor living upward. Rooftop living space can be more private than a traditional backyard — with a giant outdoor chess set in this setting, it's game on!

2. Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are a great addition to backyard entertaining, especially in the summer months. Friends gather around to enjoy these outdoor spaces, and you save on energy bills by keeping the heat outdoors. While your guests are waiting for their food to cook, you can have giant chess pieces and a chessboard set up for relaxing outdoor play.

3. Indoor/Outdoor Bathrooms

Outdoor showers have long been standard for homes with pools. The modern take on indoor/outdoor bathrooms is to include a bathtub and sundeck. Guests who are waiting to hit the showers can jump into a giant chess game you have set up to keep the good times rolling.

4. Blending Indoors and Outdoors

Using sliding glass doors and thermal efficient solar reflective glass, you can bring natural light and lovely breezes indoors. This large open room floor plan provides a wonderful opportunity to install a life-size chess set for play year-round.

5. Gaming Goes Outdoors

In her article, Lauren featured a MegaChess 25 Inch Plastic Giant Chess Set on a MegaChess Hard Plastic Chess Board with 14 Inch Squares.

"Gaming areas are a wonderful feature for family homes and provide a unique background for entertaining. In terms of style, large outdoor chess sets and putting greens are the most sophisticated. But for the sake of practicality, homeowners should put more consideration into what activities their family will enjoy most. Checkers, bocce courts, and even cornhole are other options," says Lauren.

Add the Finishing Touch to Your Outdoor Space with an Outdoor Chess Set from MegaChess

MegaChess has the best games for entertaining family members and guests. Choose from plastic or fiberglass giant chess sets, and prepare to game on a big scale, both indoors and out. Shop MegaChess for your large chess set today!

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