Customized Mega Tumble Tower Hardwood

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Please Upload two logos, photos, or artwork for your personalized product.


Customizing Your Giant Tumble Tower

  • The game of Tumble Tower is designed to crash to the ground.
  • Hardwood is designed for customers who intend to use the game frequently. The hardwood protects the game against impact from other blocks. Pine is for customers who use the game occasionally.
  • We laser engrave logos and text onto the blocks rather than painting the blocks. Paint chips from the impact designed into the game. Laser engraving is sharp, precise and long lasting.
  • Although blocks range in size, you have a space that is roughly 1 inch tall and 8 inches long to display your logo on both sides of the blocks. When selecting your design, remember that long flat designs make your message larger and more readable on the block. We can work with squarer logos by repeating the pattern for maximum visibility.


Laser engrave anything you want onto our Mega Tumble Towers! Company logos look amazing and are a great way to get your brand in front of people that are having fun. You can engrave people's names, wedding dates, birthdays or anything else you want!

The process is simple and fast because we have the laser engraver in our warehouse. We can personalize your game in just a day or two. Just select the number of blocks that you want personalized - we can laser engrave 14, 28, or all 56 blocks depending on your needs and budget. We will email you shortly after you place your order asking for the personalization details. We require either a high-resolution JPEG file or preferably a vector file of some sort. We will send you a proof prior to starting up the laser. Our Mega Tumble Towers are made from sustainably sourced hardwood that is kiln dried and then precision cut and sanded. No finish is placed on the blocks because the raw wood makes a great surface for sliding the blocks. The game comes with 56 blocks that will stack 19 rows high.

Get your Giant Tumble Tower in an even bigger, mega-er size. This is the Mega Tumble Tower in Hardwood.

The traditional game resized to Mega proportions! It is our largest Tumble Tower game we sell! This premium quality Mega Tumble Tower consists of 56 beautifully-crafted polished hardwood blocks, building a 19 level tower of over 4 feet at the start of the game. Once the Mega Tumble tower is built players take turns to remove blocks from the tower and place on the top. The aim is to build the tower as high as possible without making the tower tumble! It is possible to build to over 6.6 feet!

The Mega Tumble Tower set includes: 56 hardwood blocks measuring 8.9in x 3in x 2.6in 2 Nylon transport / storage bags Hardwood blocks have been used in this Tumble Tower set to give increased durability compared with sets made from pine or softer woods. Please note care should be taken when playing Mega Tumble Tower. Players should always be on their feet and be wary of the tower falling. This game is not suitable for Children, it is simply way too big!

Are you interested in having your Hardwood Tumble Tower customized with your own logo or graphics? We can laser engrave your logo on both sides of the blocks.Just add your tumble tower to your cart and then click here Laser Engraving Customization and add it to your cart. We will request the graphics after your order is processed.

Personalizing the Giant Tumble Tower is quite simple.

  • Either upload a logo or design using the tools above or enter the text you would like applied onto your Giant Tumble Tower Blocks.
  • Complete your purchase of the item by checking out.
  • When we receive your order, we'll confirm that your order was received and we'll begin work your your personalization.
  • We'll send you a proof of what your item will look like after it's personalized. This step generally takes up to 24 hours.
  • If you would like to make a change to the proof we email you, you can make a change to the artwork and we'll send you a second proof.
  • Upon approval, we'll complete the personalization and ship you your personalized dominos!
  • Please Note: If less than 56 of the blocks are customized, 14 of blocks will have the Uber Games Logo engraved on them.

Note - the length of time it takes to personalize your order is to a large extent, dependent on how quickly you approve the proofs. For the fastest service, please reply to the proofs as quickly as possible.

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