MegaChess Teak Giant Chess Table With 4 Inch Squares - 2' 10" x 2' 10"

Sale price$1,999.00



A stunning large chess table with a chess board, drawers and two stools, all solid teak.

This practical chess table can be used either as an attractive chess table with drawer for storage of pieces, or disassembled to be used as a foldable board than can be easily transported with chess pieces stored inside.

Made, once again, from beautiful and durable Indonesian teak, it can used and enjoyed indoors or outdoors, anywhere and anytime you have the desire to play, using whichever form that is, at the time, the most practical. The teak is kiln dried for two full years before being carved by highly skilled craftsman.

We make many fine pieces - this teak table is one of my absolute favorites!

COLOR OPTIONS - This stunning table comes in both a light and dark stain. The light stain is a stock item and the dark stain is a special order.

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