Uber Games Carrom Game Powder - 100 grams

SKU: UG740-P
Count: 1 Bottle
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  • (1) Carrom Powder Bottle - 100 grams; Promotes longer life of your carrom board; Made in India
  • A fine-grained powder to reduce friction between the striker, coins and game board
  • Optimum performance; Enables smoother and faster play for the ease of pocketing a coin
  • Cost effective since only a small amount is needed before each game
  • Carrom Board Game and Accessories are sold separately

This is the Uber Games Carrom Game Powder which is an anti-friction, super-fast carrom powder that minimizes the friction on the play area of a carrom board. It allows the coins and strikers to easily slide across the carrom board's playing surface. The recommended method of application is to rub it into the playing area with the base of your palm until the whole area has a faint but distinct sheen. It is also recommended that only one type of carrom powder be used at a time. Never use two types of powder simultaneously. If you want to change to a different type, you must clean the playing surface beforehand. Warning: Carrom powder is not for internal use and it should not be applied to extensive areas of broken skin.

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