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Customized Mega 4 in a Row

  • Customized Mega 4 in a Row |  |
  • Customized Mega 4 in a Row |  |
  • Customized Mega 4 in a Row |  |
  • Customized Mega 4 in a Row |  |
  • Customized Mega 4 in a Row |  |
  • Customized Mega 4 in a Row |  |
  • Customized Mega 4 in a Row |  |
  • Customized Mega 4 in a Row |  |
  • Customized Mega 4 in a Row |  |
  • Customized Mega 4 in a Row |  |
Retail: $499.99 $459.95 You Save: $40.04 ( 8.01% ) Item #: UG410-Personalized-Black/Red

1.) Select the color of your coins.

2.) Add custom text or upload your own images:

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Customizing your Mega 4-in-a-Row

  • The coins – the coins are four neutral colors and are simply the vehicle to carry and protect your custom design on the face of the coin.
  • Think of the coin as a quarter. The coin has a face, a raised edge around the perimeter of the coin that protects the customization you place on the face, and the coin has a thickness. We can’t print on the outer perimeter (the thickness) of the coin, or on its raised edge.
  • When the coin is in the game, you don’t see the color of the coin. All you see is the custom design you choose to print on the face of the coin. We can print any color or any logo.
  • To maximize the size of your message on the coin, round or squarish images appear large on the round coins.

  • Customization is simple! Choose which option you'd like on from the drop down menu. Then, either enter your text or upload your logo. If you have further instruction, please contact us via email. Within 1 business day we will send you a proof, once you've approved your design we will send you a final proof then begin production!
  • Personalize all 42 Coins with your company logo, anniversary or event!
  • Mega 4-in-a-Row
  • Measuring 3.5 Feet Tall and 4 Feet Wide!
  • The Frame is made of solid Mango Wood with an English Ash Veneer Face
  • 42 Solid Coins - 5 inch diameter - 21 Black and 21 Red; White and Blue now available for an additional cost!
  • Sturdy Nylon Coin Carrying Case
  • Steps for Personalizing your Mega Connect 4 are outlined in the product description section below
  • Coins are .25" thick!

An Incredible Custom Game!

Print anything you want onto our Mega 4 In A Row coins! Company logos look amazing and are a great way to get your brand in front of people that are having fun. People's names, wedding dates, birthdays are popular right now as well.

The process is simple and fast - we can personalize your game in just a day or two. We will email you shortly after you place your order asking for the personalization details. We require either a high-resolution JPEG file or preferably a vector file of some sort. We will send you a proof prior to printing.

Coin Color

The Mega 4 In A Row comes standard with 21 red coins and 21 black coins. We can replace your black and/or red coins with white or blue coins for an additional cost.

Think of the Mega 4 In A Row coin as if it was a real coin. Around the circumference of the coin is a raised lip. We can customize the surface of the coin with any color, logo, pattern or words, within the raised lip of the coin. The lip of the coin will always be black or red (or you can upgrade the red and/or black to white or blue). The only time you will see the colored lip of the coin is when the coin is in your hand. When the coin is in the game, you will only see your customization!

Mega 4 is even larger than our classic Giant 4 in a row game. This game measures almost 4' wide and 3.4' tall. The coins are 5" in diameter. Mega 4 is played in the same way as Connect 4 by dropping the coins strategically to get 4 coins in a row. The winner is the first player to connect four coins in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally! When the game is over just slide out the wooden bar at the bottom to release the coins. This game is beautifully crafted from English Ash and Mango woods and makes a great looking addition to any patio, play room or game room. It is also a crowd pleaser at parties!

Specifications for the MegaChess Mega Connect 4

Stand - 1 piece - 39" tall with 47" Wide - 20 lbs.

Coins - 42 Pieces - 5" Diameter - .5 lbs Each.

Nylon Coin Carrying Case

Total 44 pieces – weight 35 pounds