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Custom Uber Games Ladder Toss

Retail: $149.95 $99.95 You Save: $50.00 ( 33.34% ) Item #: UG570-CUSTOM-1
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Product Description:

  • Introductory promotional offer for this premium hardwood ladder ball set.
  • Set contains (1) One tournament hardwood game ladder with wide, well supported base to keep the ladder upright through your hardest tosses. (6) Six bolas with real golf balls, brass fittings and high quality nylon rope – (3) three red bolas and (3) three navy blue bolas. (1) nylon carry case and official ladder toss rules
  • Regulation Tournament Ladder Ball dimensions – our ladder is 40 inches tall and 25 inches wide. The ladder base is 36 inches long and includes two cross supports. The three rungs are 13 inches apart and 24 inches long. Each bola has two real golf balls, 13 inches apart with solid brass fittings.
  • Fast set-up allows you to get right to the fun!
  • Uber Games Two Ladder Sets are also available

This Uber Games Ladder Toss single game with Navy and Red Bolas is great for up to two players that are looking for an economical game that requires little space.

The set comes with one game ladder and everything two players need to play a game of Ladder Toss.

Simply setup the game ladder and start tossing your bolas. With one ladder you will need to walk over to get your bolas and then walk back to toss them. If you are looking for the two ladder game take a look at the Tournament Edition Ladder Toss game.

The official Uber Games Ladder Toss brand game is made of solid hardwood with brass hardware and durable rungs that will last a long time. The unique wooden design is what makes the Ladder Toss brand special. It's more durable than other plastic games on the market. More durable means better to play, after all... you are tossing golf balls at it all day. You don't have to worry about this game breaking or falling apart.

If you are going to play Ladder Ball, please play on the official Uber Games Ladder Toss brand of games.


Specifications for Uber Games Ladder Toss Single Game with Navy and Red Bolas

  • 1 Hardwood game ladder
  • 1 Set of Navy Bolas and 1 Set of Red Bolas
  • 1 Nylon carrying case
  • 1 Official Ladder Toss rules

Game Ladder is 40" tall, 26" Wide with a Base Depth of 28".

Shipping Dimensions 41" x 8" x 4" - Weight