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Do you want to inspire kids to play chess and give them something they will be talking about for weeks? Chess Hats are perfect for your life size chess game! Chess Hats are a very popular item. You can combine the chess hats with costumes if you wish. Chess hats keep the kids hands free for musical instruments, mime skits, etc..

Our Chess Hats have been seen on dozens of TV shows and have been used as theatrical props in hundreds of plays, actors workshops and marching band competitions. Chess Hats are very popular for Alice in Wonderland events and parties. Chess Hats are also very popular Chess Halloween Costumes!

If used as part of a life size chess game, we suggest using a chessboard with at least 24" squares. This provides 32 children ample room to enjoy a real life game of chess. While most organizations paint a giant chessboard on the pavement, the Nylon Chessboard with 24" Squares is also a perfect choice!

The Chess Hats are made from the tops of our Plastic Chess Set with a 25" King. We carefully carve the bases of the chess pieces to mold to your children's heads. We apply a protective safety trim to the carved area to protect your children from any sharp edges. Head straps are applied to the base of the chess piece to allow the piece to remain firmly strapped to your child's head.

WARNING: Although we use breakaway chin strap clips, these products may cause neck injury in the natural course of child play. Constant adult supervision is required.

Please note that all MegaChess Hats are custom made and subject to the Terms and Conditions for Custom Made items.

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