Customized Mega Tumble Tower Hardwood

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Mega ChessSKU: UG307H-P-14 Blocks

Size: 14 Blocks

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Customizing Your Giant Tumble Tower

  • The game of Tumble Tower is designed to crash to the ground.
  • Hardwood is designed for customers who intend to use the game frequently. The hardwood protects the game against impact from other blocks. Pine is for customers who use the game occasionally.
  • We laser engrave logos and text onto the blocks rather than painting the blocks. Paint chips from the impact designed into the game. Laser engraving is sharp, precise and long lasting.
  • Although blocks range in size, you have a space that is roughly 1 inch tall and 8 inches long to display your logo on both sides of the blocks. When selecting your design, remember that long flat designs make your message larger and more readable on the block. We can work with squarer logos by repeating the pattern for maximum visibility.


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