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Uber Games Greek Roman Chess Set

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Product Description:

  • The beautiful zinc chess pieces range in size from 2 inches for the King to 1.2 inches to the pawn.
  • 11 x 11in chess board with brown and gold alternating colored bronze squares
  • 13.5 x 13.5 x 3in Foldable Wooden Storage Box
  • The Greek and Roman style pieces oppose each other with a timeless gold and silver finish.
  • The board is raised with 4 cast bronze feet.

Our classic Greek-Roman period chess set represents scenes from the transition period between the falling Greek Empire and the rising Roman Empire. Our stunning gold and silver coloured zinc chess pieces tell the story of the Greeks ferocious struggle for survival.

The aggressive stance of the knights and pawns reveal the brutality of these wars, the postures of the king and queen indicate their unquestioned leadership. The pieces in our Greek Roman chess set show great attention to detail as can be seen by clicking on the additional pictures below.

The board itself is 11 x 11 inches; it is fantastically smooth and elegant. The board is raised off the playing surface by bronze pillars on each corner. Each square on the board is indented, giving it a beautiful appearance.

The Greek Roman chess set comes securely packaged in a stylish wooden storage box. The pieces are held individually in a foam casing, with the board fitting on top.